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Losing Track of Time While Squatting


This post is not about looking at the clock one minute and its 4pm and next it's 5pm. While squatting, yesterday, I couldn't remember the descent. All I remember is that I unracked the weight, next moment I was in the hole and the next moment I was racking the weight; nothing in between. I'm sure this has happened before, but yesterday was the first time I realized it. I know I am not blacking out, but it is just weird that I don't recall my motion of the squat going into the hole or coming out of the hole.

I remember, shit, how am I going to get up with this weight on back. Then I remember racking the weight.

Has anyone else experience this or know what I am talking about?


Son, stay off the drugs...


No. Next topic?


Dude, it's the 3rd stage of Syphilis. You might want to get to the health clinic for those free samples.


In the 3rd stage he would have his own squat army and would enslave the "functional" gym people into eternal squating as a dictator.


When did you wake up from the dream to take a leak? lol.

Seriously though that is some weird shit... maybe you were in the zone? If I have a serious load on my back doing squats I'm a little focused myself.


more importantly........WHO ARE THOSE TWO CHICKS???


This is what I will state to those who are providing irrevelant information and comments; It's not needed! I have thick skin, but why post childish comments. It's just like Mauradermeet stated, if you and I were at a gym, would you come up to me and say I am on drugs or have syphilis. What is the point?

I was asking those who want to post or share something some revelant to share.

Again, cease the childish antics and if you don't want to comment, just pass it by just as the other 80 some odd people have done.

In the end gentleman, good luck on your endevours.

Side note, Jaybvee, please share that photo!


No, i've never had that happen.

No, you do not have thick skin.


Just a quick question, how long have you been on this thing called the internet? I figured you'd be used to it by now.


You need to breathe deeper. Your blood pressure is increasing too much while you're straining against the weight, hence why you remember being in the hole, when you're not pushing back up, and racking the weight.


The point is this (now don't black out since you're so inclined to black out and/or not remember moments under pressure): A.) STFU if you're going to get butt hurt over some jokesters (because really that's we are when we post shit like that) poking fun at the fact that you CLAIM to not remember being in the hole (your wife/gf must love it when you tell her this stuff) coming out of the hole being half way between the hole...

B.)If you're going to hang around this website for any length of time (being you've been a member for all of a MONTH and already can't take a couple jokes at your expense I'm going to say you probably won't, or you'll stick to hanging out in the SERIOUS forums of BB or SS where members will answer your inquiries with a more serious tone than you'll face here) you're going to have to develop thicker skin than you already claim to have for the simple fact that you're sandy vagina is already irritated by, what seems like to me, very light ridicule compared to a lot of the other shit I've seen on this site.

C.)Ever heard of thinning the heard? You've been a member for a month. You haven't developed any kind of reputation or exhibited any personality other than "Hey Guys, I can't remember going in/coming out of the hole while squatting ... whadya think of that?" Come on man, seriously? How can we NOT make fun of that? Look at it this way, if no one made fun of you for shit like that I'd seriously question a lot more than I already do what the hell are we all doing on this spinning mortal coil.

Point is this: We are the reason the majority of those 80 some odd people who didn't post but just jumped in to check out your little thread poked their little curious heads in. They know that one of us smart asses is going to make some little quip about your post and maybe get a cheap laugh. Let's face it, it's cheaper than a movie and you don't have to stick to the floor while finding a seat; it's entertainment.

There are some people who might share your experience, but I guarantee you that about 95% of the people who actually look in this thread DO NOT. So, in closing pm me your address, I'm writing you a check for a quarter. I want you cash it, take that money and go buy a fucking sense of humor or another layer of "thick skin" stop whining or GTFO


If you would read the comment, the response was a call for professionalism and proper conduct. However, as stated in the earlier post by one of the members, I guess it is to be expected when communicating through the internet. Then, on that note, it is my fault for expecting more out of people.


its most prolly a mental blank. its something like if you were chatting away in a conversation and you forgot wat you were about to tell the person!


its prolly a mental blank. its like if you were having a conversation with someone and in the middle you forgot wat u were guna tell them.


Some of your points are valid concerning what to expect and taking a look at the post from outside perspective I can see where a joke or two comes into play. The point I am trying to make for a person like yourself, since you seem to be the internet spokesperson, is the comments concerning the wife or getting my address and so forth, is it really necessary? From your tone of writing, it seems you have a problem or getting irritated. Would you care for a tampon? Is a serious statement or a joke poking fun back at you all in good nature because that is protocal in this forum?

Again, you have made some valid points when looking at from an objectionable point of view and I will take your suggestions to heart. Take care sir, and hopefully, during my many travels across the U.S. and especially on the East Cost where I sent a lot, we can meet up. Don't take it as a threat, because the intention is to network.

Sgt. Mac


I will keep that in mind. I do feel light headed aftewards on a heavy set of squats.


Well, I thought it was Syphilis now I am thinking a little more of pussyitis or maybe even chicklexia




Sorry, but I noticed this question has not yet been answered.

Someone feel free to, then we may resume with the thread.