Losing Too Much Weight

Ok I have a few posts about this already but it makes sence to put it in this forum.

This time last year I was doing decent with lifting than in January I messed up my shoulder. By march I was the fattest I have ever been at 5’6" 180 and 30% body fat. I did not get serious about loosing weight until August.

I have lost 45 pounds and my body fat scale which I am sure is of says I am 134 and 17.5%. The lowest it said so far was 16.3%, a few days ago. I feel that is alot of weight to loose while only cutting around 13% body fat.

Diet has been basically Beraridi’s 10 habits along with Mens Health’s Power Foods.

Now the bigger problem.

I started Waterburys 10/10 with the hope of getting to atlleast 15% body fat before starting my first clean bulk. The fat loss phase went well, however in the bulking ohase I continued to loose weight. I started adding cals by adding to the lean protein in each meal and having a bigger breakfest. Well I still am loosing weight.

It is noraml for it to be so hard to gain a few pounds afer a long cutting phase? I think I am doing everything as right as I can but something is obviously wrong.

What would you do? Cut more fat and forget about gaining a little weight right now? Just start a clean bulk weather you are above 15% by the end of 10/10?

Any thoughts? leave the flaming to your self.

If you have been losing weight for while, it is possible that your body wanted more calories just to keep losing weight.

You may have been starving yourself, therefore making the body “hold onto” whatever it could, stalling fat loss.

When you started CW 10/10 then maybe the increase in calories was just what you needed to keep losing.

If you are trying to gain then you need to eat more. More protein, more fats, carbs are too subjective to give suggestions, but you get the idea.

Are you sure you are following the plan as written? I doubt CW would suggest too few calories to gain.

I guess I should not get too pissed about it. The more weight I loose now is more lean mass I will eventually gain. I had hopes of gaining 30 pounds in one year for my first clean bulk starting after 10/10. It is going to be alot harder than I thought, Of course I am not getting any younger either.

I did not have alot of muscle to begin with but I am not loosing any muscle and I have not lost too much strengh. except squats, lost alot of strength there. DL is the same though.

I followed it exacltly as written for my weight class.

Before 10/10 I was eating a little bit more. I was eating that same way, every 3 hours they same type of food, Lean protein, greens and fruit. When I noticed I was still loosing when I should have been gaiing I added more lean protein to each meal. I guess it was still not enough cals to gain though.

Interesting, then keep losing, no point in stopping a good thing. And as long as you are forcing yourself to add some weight (even if 5 lbs. seems like nothing to a squat or DL) it will force your body to keep muscle.

Keep it up, try the 10/10 again later.

Well I am going to finish 10/10 up. I am half way through.

I am glad I found this out now insteak of half an year in to my first bulk. The next bulking phase of 10/10 I will really have to bump up the cals.

I was just concnerd about loosing while I should gaingin I guess the answear is simple, eat more even if it is more than the diet plan prescribs.