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Losing the Weight I've Gained


Ive been through this a few times without success for a few different reasons, the last being a crash due to my father becoming seriously ill for two months and becoming a senior in high school...no need to say i got more than distracted for quite a while.
The past few months ive just been living with this in the back of my mind and losing weight that i gained over the summer of my fathers illness. Prior to the summer I was at 290 down from 309 and when my dad suddenly entered the hospital i no longer concerned myself with diet or exercise and couldnt afford a gym membership.

So after regaining some control I was about 316 which is the heaviest ive ever been and decided to change some basic habits and take it slowly. So i am currently 293 down from 316 but i am much less than happy with my weight.

I may have faltered a couple of times but im not going to get in better shape by not doing anything.
Ive planned out my diet and following a basic exercise regime
Weight: 293
Im also lactose intolerant, so while I do consume dairy products i dont usually drink milk unless im eating cereal for example.

5 eggs + 1piece whole wheat toast (ive been told i should loose the toast and integrate fruit but the toast makes getting the eggs down much easier.)

Protien shake w natural peanut butter

lunch 8oz turkey\chicken\fish\beef
2 cups veggies

8oz turkey\beef\chicken\fish
2 cups veggies

Protien shake w natural peanut butter

8oz Turkey\chicken\beef\fish
2 cups veggies

ill be cooking all foods using olive oil

My exercise program will be the Waterbury method which i know you are all familiar with but ill post a link anyway.

So critique away...

The biggest issue I have at the moment is eating the eggs, its a battle to get down every egg. I can wake up in the morning and enjoy eating an eight oz steak but struggle to eat even two eggs. I dont know why...any ideas? or should i just stick to meat in the morning also


Replace two eggs with a half cup of mozzerella cheese. Also, douse liberally with tabasco's Chipotle sauce. Eating eggs used to be difficult for me too, until I discovered a quarter-cup of mozz cheese has about the same macronutrient breakdown as egg, and gives it a pleasing texture (dude. Cheese just tastes good).

Tabasco is just fucking good.


Hey man, glad to hear you are taking control again. Take care of it this time around bud!

Anyways, for optimal fat loss I would suggest a keto diet. You are almost there with what you have planned but I would drop the toast in the morning and just have the eggs. No carbs except the ones from veggies and the ones in your PB. If you really want to you can switch the eggs out for meat, yah.

As far as your meets, I would do beef first, then the fish and then the chicken. Leanest meats latest at night. Try to have as few carbs/fats as you can in the few hours before you go to bed.

You feel like shit for the first couple of days doing a keto diet but once you become fat adapted you will be back to normal. I believe This is by far the fastest way to drop fat. A refeed meal is also a good idea at the end of the week, it will take you out of keto, but you will go back in it by the next day so no worries.

Good luck.


Just getting into a routine of better habits is always the key, don't sweat the small stuff til the big stuff becomes just a part of your life again.

Good luck.


:slightly_smiling: I'm gonna start doing that, but, I gotta compare nutrition facts more carefully


They both have only trace carbs, and a gram of protein per 10kcal. A quarter-cup of mozz cheese has 80 kcal, a large egg has between 70-90.

But yeah. Check it out for yourself.


First you'll need a caloric deficit. That's really the only thing you'll need.

What's your estimated maintenance, and what's your caloric target for each day? (and does the suggested menu match that target?)


^^ what they said.

also you you gotta have in mind that losing fat is more than a simple diet, you gotta give a 110%, it's a war agains your self, you gotta stick with your plan, you gotta have in mind your goal and fight until you reach it.