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Losing the ugly flab

I’m helping my girlfriend lose some of her fat. On 8/7/ she weighed 130.5 & bodyfat% was 28%. I weighed her again on 8/27 & her wt. was 129 & her bodyfat was 23%. So, how is she doing? Is that good so far? She’s working out on her own, sometimes with me. And she started this week to run every day with me. Before that it was 3 times a week. She’s up to 2 1/2 miles at a decent pace. But, that’s not every time she runs. That’s just the most at one time she has run. Any suggestions that you think would help would be great. Should she cut out fruits & fruit juices? Any supplement that would actually help or work? She doesn’t have much money. How about MCT oil? Thanks. Here’s some more info on her: She’s 18, just turned 18 :slight_smile: 5’2’’. current wt as of 8/27 is 129 & bodyfat % is 23%. Also, what would be a good goal for her to be at by the end of Nov? She would like to be around 110 bodywt. How about her bodyfat %? What should that be around. She wants to be on the slender side. She does artistic roller skating & needs to be as light as possible while being strong. You should see her skate! She’s awesome! That’s my girl!

Ruddy, If she wants to change her body composition,
she’s going to have to gain some muscle weight.
This means that she has to do some SERIOUS resistance
training; there is no way around it. I have been going to one
gym for almost 5 years now, and I see the same ladies
on the treadmill, running their little hearts out. These gals
look no different than they did 5 years ago. This is because
they spend the entire time breaking down their bodies and
very little time building them up. (Lean-to-fat ratio can never
be changed unless ONE GAINS LEAN.) Next: Carbs after exercise-
not before-that way she will store them as glycogen instead
of fat. Take care, Joey Z. ::::----::::

Thanks Joey Z. I’ll put your advise to use. Take care.

i have to agree with Joey Z. train your ass off girl!! she’s made awesome progress so far, and with about 12-13 weeks till the end of november, if she got on a serious weight training & cardio program, along with clean diet, she could drop about 1-2 pounds a week, SAFELY. i just spent 3 months losing 20 pounds with this, and trust me it works!

yes, tell her to cut out fruit juices, they have way too much sugar! try crystal light instead. 5 cal a glass.. woo hoo! as for the rest of her diet, keep it simple.. lots of veggies & lean protein. cut the crap, like breads, junk food, pasta, soft drinks, you get the idea. switch to non fat dairy products, if you must eat them.. pfwew! oh yeah there's a plethora of good sites and magazines around, have a lok.. tell her to read T-mag :) she might learn something :) - "Bad Grrrl!!!!"

You are to be congradulated. Get her on a weight training program now! simple, easy, nothing fancy. deadlift, overhead pressing and chins. If she likes running and she has seen this progress with it, you prob wont have much luck stopping her. have her mix up the intensity level of her running. jog, sprint, walk. If you are at a 1/4 mile track, sprint on the straight away, slow it to a jog for the curve walk on the far straight away, start the jog on the next curve and sprint the straightaway. Will be more productive than a jog, no way she’ll get 2.5 miles, but results!!?!?! OOOOFTAH!