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Losing the Spare Tyre

Hi All

For the last 6 months i’ve been on a bulking phase, luckily i’ve managed to put on 40lbs so far. Obviously not all of it is Musle mass i reckon about 8lbs is fat.

This fat presides all around the stomach and love handles, I look a little pregnant hee hee

I’m not at my target weight yet but as I feel my confidence has rose significantly I wanted to lose the stomach in time for the British Summer time and reap the rewards. I’ll then carry on bulking in september.

Is there any particular methods to target fat lose on the stomach without jeopardising the muscle gains.

I spend hours on the site in the background (i’m not a regular poster) so i’m not being lazy BUT what i was hoping is that some of you could give me advice or direct me to the BEST articles on this or alternatively feel free to call me a lazy bum and to piss off.

Piss off you lazy bum.

Just kidding. You can’t target specific areas of the body for fat loss, some people just happen to store more fat in certain areas of the body, such as the stomach, ass or thighs.

How sure are you you’ve only gained 8lbs? Have you measured bodyfat, or is this a guess?

In order to lose fat, I would reduce calories to about maintenance or 1-200calories below, increase vegetable intake to as often as possible, and then hit the gym 5-6 times a week with 3/4 days weights, 2 days cardio.

TBH though, if you have gained anywhere near 30lbs of muscle in 6 months with balls-to-the-wall training and diet, then I would not cut and just continue with it, perhaps just incorporate some extra sessions to keep fat gain minimal.

Thanks RSG

Well I guess about 8lbs because where I was skinny before I’ve remained rock solid all over apart from the stomach - and realistically there’s only about half a stone sitting on my gut - I HOPE.

My diet at the moment means i’m virtually not gaining anything at the moment. Could you suggest something to remove from the diet below help aid in fat loss

6.30am Protein shake (full fat milk)
8.30am Multigrain cerearl (semi skimmed milk
10am banana
11am Tuna and pasta OR tuna and jacket potato and Banana
1pm 1 slice of brown bread and peanut butter
3pm Protein shake and banana
7pm Fresh meat, mash, and veg
10pm protein shake

Sorry to sound such a beginner but hey I am a beginner

Good Luck!

Take a look at this link, some excellent articles on nutrition:

Thanks Trapasaurus

Pretty much just what I wanted for the food side of things.

Theres some serious reading there, time for me to get my slippers and pipe, sit in a comfy chair and start reading