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Losing Tension in the Hole


So I thought I was getting somewhere when I finally got a 405 squat recently. Well, as I tend to do, I re-evaluated my squat form and thought I could stand to improve it further. I suppose the specific change isn't that important, but for those who are interested, I was focusing on pushing back with the hips and then lowering into the hole by spreading the knees. My previous approach was slightly different.

This "new" method definitely hammered away at my adductors, which were apparently relatively unused with my previous form.

Anyway, it's my deload week, but I work up to 275 just to see what it feels like with this new form. I descend into the hole, stop dead in the water, panic that I'm about to flop, and then somehow manage to jam the gears and get my ass moving. I break through the sticking point and then, bam, right back up.

Questions: Is what I experienced likely a loss of tension in the hole? My low back is a bit sore today. Would that provide further evidence for a loss of tension? Any mantras I can use to ensure I don't do that again? It sucked. I'd like to avoid it.


Humm, could be. Any time you tweak technique, be careful. doing things different with different cues takes away from that push like hell thing.