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Losing Strength


I need some advice.

I'm seeming to lose strength gradually.

My current w/out schedule is:

Mon: Chest
Tue AM: Shoulders/Delts
PM: Back/Lats
Wed: Legs
Thur: AM: Biceps
PM: Chest
Fri: Back/Lats
Sat: AM: Triceps
PM: Abs/Calves

Hittin Back/chest hard as it's an underdeveloped part.

The thing is that the weight has decreased substantially for the last few workouts. I can't seem to put up the same numbers anymore.

I'm getting anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep/night with a few days of 1-4 hour naps (depends).

All I'm wondering is what I can do to prevent this strength loss.



Any radical changes in your life? Diet, stress, etc?

Most likely you need a break from the weights. Take a week off.



Day 1 : Legs (Quad dominant)
Day 2: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms
Day 3: off
Day 4: Chest, Back, Shoulders
Day 5: Off
Day 6: Legs (Hip Dominant)
Day 7: Biceps, Triceps, Forearms
Day 8: off
Day 9: Chest, Back, Shoulders
Day 10: 0ff


Try doing low volume for 10 days, the next 10 days medium volume, then the last 10 days of the month high volume.

Hope that helps.


Depending on how many sets/reps etc you are doing you may have a damn high level of work each week. Eat more, sleep more, take a week off and if you cant increase your strength you may need to look at lowering your work level to allow for more recovery.


Second that on the week off. What are your goals? Hypertrophy or strength or...
Any glaring imbalances? L to R or presssing v pulling in the same plane?


Just take a break for a few days and come back with a new routine. Your body probably just needs a rest.


Thanks for the reply.

No real changes in lifestyle...low stress, diet is pretty stable...just more social time is the only change (not drinking or late nights...just more hanging out casually).


As a general rule for this routine, I'm doing the core lifts at 1x12, 1x10, 1x8, and 1x6...then accessory (flies, etc) at 4x10-12.

No more than 5 exercises per muscle group...usually 4.


Goals are primarily Hypertrophy and Strength increases (the hypertropy part seems to be doing decently).

Nothing glaring except for the lower abs (which I'm hitting hard. I'm focusing on the Pecs and back primarily because they are my lagging groups (pecs more than back but want to keep balance).

Press/Pull is pretty constant actually...


Interesting, I will check this out.


It appears that people are primarily suggesting a back off week.

Now, I've read both sides of the story (myth vs. necessity) and am unsure on what to do.

What exactly do you do on a week off? Nothing? Can't I ride a bike or play b-ball or SOMETHING???


can you do something during a week off? absolutely. bike, walk, mobility drills, stretch, anything.

I wouldn't go back to the same routine either. If you have been doing splits forever, why not give whole body a try. Heck even trying a routine like that in hypertrophy specific. Google that.


Thanks for the reply.

Actually I was doing Total Body for about 2 years and then only 2 months ago changed to splits.