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Losing Strength?


Just don’t understand how I am loosing strength

Because you ignored my post.


I’ve eaten ~75g of protein per day for the last 10 days and I haven’t noticed any major drop off in strength.

Do you weigh 500lbs? If not, you are probably consuming way too much protein.

That’s around 75% of your 1rm, no wonder things aren’t going well. If I was going to work up to 380 I would do a set with the empty bar first, then a few reps with 135, then 225, 275, 315 (2-3 reps for these sets), a single around 350, then 380. If you can squat 380x3 with a fucked up warmup you can probably squat more if you do it properly.

And you are probably overreaching too, you need to deload now and then.

Its okay. Not the best for getting stronger.

Focus on progressive overload. Working hard and doing 20 sets is great if you are getting stronger, if not it might be too much. If someone does 3-5 sets a week on squats, but is squatting huge weights, who cares. I would rather be that person, than the one doing 20 sets but has a 1RM of 405.

Yah I get stronger every week until yesterday I started to get weaker by 2 reps!

Maybe its the Low T you was crying about in your first thread on here.

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Thought about that too,semen volume was ropes last month now barely anything!

This is about the level of integrity I’ve come to expect from your good self, Kenny.

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You admitted it was stupid in your post.

There are no do overs. :frowning:

My integrity is fine. I’d rather be brutally honest (part of integrity) rather than…we’ll leave it there.

Now go and learn something.

Kenny Croxdale

Well I think I found part of my problem… I’ve lost 10 pounds since starting to “bulk”. Turns out macros from 6 months ago don’t work anymore. Guess my metabolism is speeding up. Double edged sword…

There’s a line of words I never want to see again…


ooh kenny’s back!

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It Worn’t Work On Wednesday Because Wendy Went To Wisconsin.


I’d rather you were honest as well but sadly, you prefer to misrepresent and distort.

You and I have different meanings of the word “brutal”


His last few posts had no subheadings, Where are his subheadings?


He is an impostor!

Possibly but the missed sarcasm of @MarkKO post makes me think it’s the real deal.