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Losing Strength?

My squat 2 weeks ago was 380 for 3 reps now I’m struggling with 365 for 3 reps my sleep has not been the best for the last week I wake a lot during the night and have deep dreams! I haven’t been getting my usual 4-500 grams of protein more like 250-300 grams will I ever regain my strength really sad all my hard work went waste?

Currently riding this train wreck with you :joy:

Seek the aid of a professional.


250g is plenty. Make sure you are getting adequate fats, losing 150g of protein also usually means losing a fair portion of fat.

Other than that, take a week where you run 50-65% of your typical volume and 60-75% of your usual intensity.

When you start the week after that lighter week, lower from where you left off and change up your movements and/or the rep ranges you are working within.

You should get back ahead of where you were in a few weeks.

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No. You will never, ever regain your strength. In fact, you will get weaker and weaker as time goes on until you can’t even walk.


Fuck why is this?

Warming up. You should probably stop that. Guy on this website deadlifted 400 ARX pounds without any warm-up. Maybe you gotta stop worrying about gravity pounds


I never warm up just jump into 315 for 12 reps

Yeah, warming is the worst. Absolutely terrible. Try loading 500 lbs for a negative and then try squatting. That might work.

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Have you tried yelling at it?


This is how I used to train. A quick walk on the treadmill then straight into the top set.

Stupid? Yes. Optimal? Fuck no but I still got stronger and bigger. Risk probably isn’t that big a risk when you are young and weak lol


Overreaching means you have slightly Overtrained.

That means you body had not recovered. Continuing to push yourself in a depleted under recovered “Overreached” ensure you in a downward spiral.

Periodization Training

One of the main keys to ensuring progress is Periodizaton Training. That means pushing yourself in a training cycle into an Overreached state, which you are in now, followed by a new training cycle.

A new training cycle means lowering the weight down to where it is light and easy. Then progressively increasing the weight over a number of weeks. This is…

Active Recovery

The light load increase blood flow to the tissue, allowing for recovery.


Here is an example of what you need to do with your Training Cycle

Week 1: 310 lb X 3

Week 2: 335 X 3

Week 3: 360 X 3

Week 4: 385 X 5

Week 5: There is NO Week 5. Week 5 become Week 1 of a New Training Cycle.

Protein Intake

You need between 0.7 to 1.0 gram of Protein Per Pound of Body Weight, no more.

Warm Up

315 X 12 is overkill.

The objective of a Warm Up is to preform the minimal amount of work necessary to prepare you for you top strength training set.

Repetition need to be between 1 - 3 per set.

Example of Warm Up Sets for 380 lbs

Set 1: 135 X 3

Set 2: 185 X 2

Set 3: 225 X 2

Set 4: 275 X 1

Set 5: 330 X 1

Set 6: 380 X 3 plus Rest

Rest Periods Between Sets

3 minutes or longer.

Kenny Croxdale


A great example of what not to do and worn’t work.

Kenny Croxdale

This is definitely stupid. At least you realized it.

Kenny Croxdale

Could be toenails. Trimming them too close to the nail bed a day or two before squats can cause strength leakage.


I absolutely have a talent in spotting stupid. Perhaps now you understand why so much of what you put up here gets attention from me :+1:


Confession is great for the soul. :smile:

Kenny Croxdale

My leg day is as followed
4-6 sets of squats 3-8 reps
Hacks squats 4-5 sets of 6-8
Stiff leg dls with dumbbells 15-3 reps pyramid up 4-5 sets or 3 sets of 3
Leg extensions 4 sets of 24,10,10,10
Calf raises 3-5 sets of 3

Absolutely stunning!

Is ok to switch excersises up everyweek I try to do anywhere from 15 to 20 sets per week on legs but sometimes for example I switch between leg press and hack squats