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Losing Strength


Hi guys.

A month ago, at the final stage of my routine y squat 380lb for 1 rep, based on that maximal y projected the weights for my new routine. Today i supposed to do a set of 5 reps with 330lb( my projected 105% of the 5RM) but i could only do 3; i get worried so i started to do singles adding 10lb every set, unfortunately my 370 single was extremely difficult, which make me realize that i lost 10lb on my squat 1RM. My question is, if this is something that i really must worry about, or is something normal. Any suggestions or opinions are welcome.

Btw, I squat 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday (front squat) and Friday. I didn't change my diet either.

THanks for your help.


What was your training max before the 380 lb PR?


You missed your all time PR by 10lbs after basically working to near failure with 330 and then taking singles up to your daily max and it was literally 10lbs off your best. I'd be pretty fucking happy with that performance personally. You are over analyzing big time. You had an off day not even really an off day. Relax.




That's a nice PR for only a month of training. Even though you made around a 5% improvement in your max, it doesn't necessarily mean you were ready to make a 5% jump in work capacity. Take a smaller jump of around 5-10 lbs next time even if you hit a PR larger than that. You likely didn't get weaker as Reed mentioned. Just deload for a week and try the program again with 365-370. The small jumps add up over time.


This x 100, plus fluctuations in strength happen just in general. I too would be satisfied with a performance like that.


Gotta have your bad days to have your good days.

It was an off day, I've had plenty of off WEEKS.

Trust me, just train through it get your reps and your body will over-compensate.

If you're new to powerlifting don't get thrown off by it, you will still have plenty of off days to come - which is actually not always a bad thing, just keep your mental determination and you will make big gains.