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Losing Strength! Please Help


I am currently builing mass, but i feel like i cant lif as much like i used to. i am thinkin maybe its because i keep jumping from diferent kinds of workout routines. here is my routine im doin now, please put your input in

Here is a plan i am doing to put on mass

-Monday chest/run 20 min
Bench 8X10

-Tuesday Legs/Abs
leg curls10X10
leg ext.3X10-12
calves 3X10-12

-Wednsday Back/run 20min
bent over barbel row10X10
lat pushdown10X10
T-bar row3X10-12

-Thursday Shoulders/Abs
military pres10X10
upright row10X10
front raises3x10-12

-Friday OFF

-Saterday Arms/Abs
barbel curl 10X10
skull crusher3X10-12
concentration curls3X10-12

-Sunday OFF


Bro your doing TOOOOO mmuch more is not always better. quality over quantity. Hell just for day one chest your doing 22 sets from 220 - 232 reps MY GOD. To go that many the intensity has to be in the shit house.

I suggest picking a solid program and stick to it, If you want to do 10 x 10 type stuff look at GVT.

also hows the eating you better be eating truck loads and resting a LOT!!!!



Too much volume, not enough food.

If you can't increase the weight or amount of reps from session to session, something is wrong.

Think about it. On saturday alone you do 10 sets of dips and 10 sets of barbell curls. Do you really think you need that many?


Dude, you know better than doing that. You asked about the SAME WORKOUT in your last thread and everyone gave you the exact advice in your last thread.



Say it aint so, you�??re complaining about losing strength, yet you�??re doing a 10x10 based routine, sheesh!

Too much volume!


Do an average of thirty reps per exercise. Do an average of three to four exercises per body part. That's 90-120 reps per day. And you're doing? >200.

Learning anything yet?


too much volume... haven't u also only been training for 2 months?
i mean c'mon how u can possibly think this workout is good for a beginner

judging by ur current knowledge i would do the following... get on a simple prescribed routine... Waterbury method or something like that while u do some more reading and figure out how to design an effective program


my bad, i poat the wrong workout, here the correct one

Monday chest/run 20 min
Bench 4X10-12

-Tuesday Legs/Abs
leg curls4X10
leg ext.4X10-12
calves 4X10-12

-Wednsday Back/run 20min
overhead pulldown4X10-12
bent over barbel row4X10-12
lat pushdown4X10-12
T-bar row4X10-12

-Thursday Shoulders/Abs
military pres4X10-12
arnold press 4X10-12
upright row4X10-12
front raise4X10-12

-Friday OFF

-Saterday Arms/Abs
skull crusher 4X10-12
dips 4X10-12
barbel curl 4X10-12
concentration curls4X10-12
forearms 4X10-12

-Sunday OFF