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Losing Strength, Not Sure Why?

hey guys why are my numbers dropping a bit? they arent all that high to begin with but . Squats and deads are up 10% but all others are down by 15 lb.what happened to begginer max gains and all that?
first 3 weeks loged in my profile iam in second week of next cycle

How much recovery time are you getting?
are you eating enough?

i work out mon-wed-frid
i eat a full meal 1 hour ahead and a protein shake , BCAA and flame out 1/2 hour before w/o- daily i take more or less with supp’s 3.000 cal’s

how much cardio are you doing? (time and intensity)
I’ve found that my strength levels drop when I increase cardio beyond a certain amount.

no cardio -i am trying to bulk up

[quote]oldhead wrote:
no cardio -i am trying to bulk up[/quote]

good call.

I’m running out of ideas… other than adjusting work volume, and eating even more.
your program looked solid though.

hopefully someone else will respond.

How long has it been since you’ve taken some time off? I find regular time off helps me keep progressing.

Some say it’s wasted time, and to each their own, but I find that if you push yourself really hard over a few weeks, to the point of overreaching, aafter taking 5 days to a week off (or just lower volume/frequency) you’ll really come back fresh and ready to do it again. I think it keeps progress consistent.

is it your 1 Rep Max that has dropped?

bench and what else ?

No cardio at all?
I’m not saying that could be responsible for you losing strength, but i think its a mistake not to include a little

How much sleep are you getting? Are your sleeping patterns regular?

I’ve found that even a couple hours of missed sleep can have a tremendous impact on workouts. It becomes almost like a snowball effect if you are consistently getting inadequate sleep.

marlboroman- bench 100 now 70 military presses 50 now 40 bend over rows 150 now 110
Lancey - i work 73 hours a week i wore my friends walkamajigy and it recorded 4 miles walking a dayi know it aint cardio but it oughta account for something.

dfreezy-sleep i have avgd 5-8 all my life any more and i become a zombie for the rest of the day

miroku333 and the rest of the guys i thank you for all your input and great angles of looking at this when i first read about the system iam using in one of the articles here i believe i read “work thru the pain” i may have misunderstude that- i feel Ryan P. McCarter may be right- iam going to try
taking the extra day off this week and hit the gym monday that 'll give me 4 days break, see what gives.

thanks again every1

[quote]oldhead wrote:
dfreezy-sleep i have avgd 5-8 all my life any more and i become a zombie for the rest of the day[/quote]

Actually those numbers are pretty similar to sleep habits. I noticed that when I was experiencing a problem similar to yours once that I was repeatedly getting on the lower end of the scale; 6 hours several nights in a row.

When I started getting more 8 hour nights in a row I felt a world of difference. I never imagined 2 hours (over the course of several nights) would be so dramatically better.

Sleep as much as possible. More is always better when it comes to heavy lifting 3+ days per week!!!

And 73 hours of work? Gosh man, I guess you dont have much free time eh?

Sleep more, increase calories slightly.

Worth a read:


Great article Eric.

so basically OP should move away from 3x5 and go more towards 5x3 or 6x2.
focusing on heavier weights. and also timing the workouts to be when he feels strongest during the day if at all possible
(point number 7.)
have I got that right?

wow eric some great points in that article
“structural balance” that! i need to look into more closely- anyway -skipped fridays W/O
see how i lift monday, ill let you know-gotta run 14 hour shifts all weekend

i took a deload for 10 days -and i highly recomended - my numbers are back and allthough i didnt push too hard my increases were performed with ease.
thanks again every1

are you doing any types of stretching before the lifts you have lost strength on?