Losing Strength/Intensity/Wt. Small Fat Gain

For months I was in the zone, playing basketball and lifting weights religiously and intensely, staying extremely lean and muscular throughout. Then I got a little sick for a little while, and even though I’m better now, I’ve just been continuing on this downward spiral of gaining fat, losing strength/muscle, and feeling like my feet are glued to the floor whenever I play basketball basketball.

Recently I tried reducing the volume of my workouts (naturally since I’m in a mad dash to complete college finals right now), but it’s not helping. Diet has stayed consistent throughout this entire process for the most part, from the time I was “in the zone”, to now when I’m “in the funk.”

Thibs or anyone have advice? I’m not used to this…or at least I’m not used to it lasting this long. In the past I would’ve rebounded by now.

Add in 1 neural charge workout every day, and one eccentric less workout a week (e.g. sled dragging)