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Losing Strength, Any Thoughts?


Quick history, in January I was 260 lbs and about 25% BF, fairly strong but by no means in good shape, I am current 212lbs, 12% BF and looking pretty good compared to in the past. That being said, in the last three weeks all of my lifts are a struggle. I am currently taking in about 2200 Cal. and less than 100g of Carbs per day and have been doing 5/3/1 for the last 6 months with great results.

Recently (last three weeks) I have lost reps and weight on all of my big lifts and am wondering if thats just going to be a reality of getting to 10% or if this is something I should be really concerned about, and if so, should I be dialing up the calories by a couple hundred? Any help or opinions are appreciated


Well... you're on a diet, so strength losses often (but not always) happen. And you've been doign this for 6 months?

You could try a full diet break, eat about maintenance calories (whatever that is) and keep training, for two full weeks. See how you do.


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Your body may just need a break from the stress of dieting. After a couple of weeks at maintenance, you're probably progress faster than you have in a while.