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Losing Pregnancy Weight - Calling for Help


hello my name is troy, i am new to this(but not for long) and i am coming to ask everyone who is willing, for help and support. i am 20 years old and had a beautiful little girl a year ago in july. after my pregnancy i gained over 60lbs in the matter of months and i NEED to lose it. i am very tired of being the wieght that i am and i am soooo determined to get it off. so if u have ANY tips on exersices, diets, supplements, OR ANYthing else u think may help i am listening. please feel free to help.

my goal is to get back into the army standards because i am 50lbs overweight and 11% over on body fat. i really want to loose the weight not only for myself but for my job as well. i have to make changes soon and fast or i could be in jeopardy of loosing my job. i also have to get ready for a pt test within the next 2-3months. i am good on my push ups and sit-ups, but my run is horrible. i hate it and im not good at it, but ill do whatever it takes to get where i need to be

right now i am in afghanistan and i have all the time to work out b4 and after work. for the last month i have been working with a sgt i met in the gym and he has been VERY helpful(he even showed me this website) but he is leaving soon. i lost so far about 15ls working out with him and i really want to continue on this great path. unfortunately i have notice my weight lose has come to a stop.

so for any who is willing to help, i plan to put pictures up this week and i plan to log everything so u can help even further. i will log what i ate, the workout i did for the day, and my wieght starting tomorrow and i will b completely honest about everything.so if u see anything im doin wrong any tips just let me know
plz and thank u


Welcome Troy. As for running, the best way to imrpove that is to get out and run. Dietary changes will help you lose weight, which will reduce run times. Running more, will help bring your run time down. I'm pretty sure the Sgt you've been working with has given you great tips, just stick to them after he's gone, and even stay in touch with him if you need further motivation/guidance.

Keep your head up, the weight will come off and you'll be fine. Enjoy the sandbox as much as you can, I know it sucks ass over there.

Thank you for your service.

Semper Fi,



Troy! What did I tell you about using rank in here!?! You owe me, woman. :wink:

Hey all, she's BCB's battle-buddy and training partner. I regret not being able to see their transformation in person, but, I know they'll be in awesome hands in here.


who told Beast he could bring his friends over?


how cool! you're friends with beast and big county! welcome! check out all the logs, there are LOTS of styles and stuff, training routines etc. you've come to a good spot :slight_smile:


aside from having a kid, look at the habits/behavior that got you into your current condition reflect and change what needs to be changed.

you'll have good days and bad days but the important thing is that you get up every morning, remind yourself of your goal, and do your best, no excuses.


This is the most stupid-simple foolproof way to accomplish anything.
Start by committing yourself to 1 change/task a day, and get it done.
Good luck!


welcome :slight_smile:



If you have ANY questions please ask...My son is about to turn 1 on April 28th, and my weight changes were

Pre-pregnancy: 148
Day I went into the hospital: 212
6 months post pregnancy: 150

  • Essentially when I found out I was pregnant...it was like someone took the chains off and for 8 months I ate whatever I wanted...it was fabulous haha