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Losing My Steroid Virginity


I have been on here a while, and believe that i am ready to begin my first cycle. I'm 26 years old, 5'10ft, and 226lbs,12%bf .My goal would be to make some good dry muscle gains preferably. This is what my first cycle looks like right now.

1-10 Test Prop 600mg/week
1-5 Dbol 30 mg/day
1-10 Arimidex .25mg/day


11 nolva 40mg
12 nolva 30mg
13 nolva 20mg

I know that it is widely suggested that i use enanthate the first cycle, but i really want to keep things dry, and get a bit more lean,and I dont mind the extra injections. Do you think i really need the adex everyday, or only if sides occur? Does pct look good? any help is appreciated


I like the way that looks if youve prepared yourself for being a pin cushion. The only thing I think that needs work would be your PCT. You need more than nolva alone. Nolva + Clomid the standard way to go, maybe even some HCG if your having a hard time recovering.

But overall I like that cycle, and it sounds like your not the type to pussyfoot around, so you should be good to go. Do some basic searches on Nolva/Clomid pct and GL bro.


I'd up your arimidex to .5mg e/d for the whole cycle, or at least while you're on the D-Bol because it aromartises so dramatically and then drop it to .25 e/d when you're just on the prop.

I'd recommend running proviron at 25-50mg e/d a couple of weeks before you finish your cycle then continue for another 2 weeks after to assist with the libido lag and to stimulate the teste's.
Yes use the proviron in conjunction with the nolva post cycle.


Don't forget to taper off the PCT SERM as you can get an estrogen rebound that will want to shut you down. An AI could be used at that time to keep the E from increasing with SERM PCT use - to avoid some of that rebound on your then exposed receptors. I would stay on the AI past PCT as well [if I was ever to do a cycle].

If HCG is avialable, it can be taken at 250iu SQ EOD all through the cycle to keep the testes healthy and functing. Overlap perhaps 1/2 week into PCT SERM use. Then when LH resumes, the testes will be immediately be able to respond with T production instead of limping along and recovering fron shrikage.


you have to inject prop every other day and it is apparently a very painful injection because of the high BA/BB content.

If you are cool with frequent inj and wanna stay lean you should think about stacking some Tren Ace with the Prop.


Listen to KSman for PCT, he knows his shit...


Thanks for the great feedback guys. So im still kinda shaky on the pct. Is this a little better?

11 Nolva 40mg, adex .25, Clomid 200mg
12 Nolva 30mg, adex .25, Clomid 150mg
13 Nolva 20mg, adex .25, Clomid 100mg
14 Nolva 10mg, adex .25, Clomid 50mg
15 adex .25
16 adex .25

Please help correct if it's a bit out of whack. I have my cycle planned out pretty well now. All that is needed is a solid pct, thanks.


Why not stretch the cycle to 12 weeks?

I agree to add an AI during PCT and possibly HCG. I don't see the benefit from Nolv & Clomid though, they are both serms. I would go with Nolv. & Arimidex & HCG to get the natural test, keep E at bay, and help to keep the gains through PCT.

Your cycle looks pretty good coming from a layman. It looks like you have done some home work. Props to you. I assume you know about the pain reported from prop injections. Why not Enanthate or Cypionate for less pain and longer esther life and fewer injections? With prop your looking at what, 3-4 injections per week? With Enanthate or cyp you would be looking at 1-2 injections per week. Over 10 weeks that is a difference of 30-40 injections versus 10-20. Like someone said, do you feel like a pin cushion?

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Like others have said, the only thing i would really change is your PCT. I also like the idea of running the adex at .5mg while on the dbol.
For the pct I would run the clomid for two weeks at 100mg a day for week one and 50 mg for week two. Follow that with 40/30/20mg of nolva per week for the following three weeks.
See Ya
I personally like using prop and dont get the extreme soreness after the injection all that often like most others do.


What is the point of running Clomid with Nolva since they both work in pretty much the same way?


Clomid is better at getting the LH and FSH levels elevated again than nolva. They are both SERMs, but they have very different effects. Clomid is a poor choice to use to combat estrogen sides and gyno, and nolva is a poor choice to get your LH back to par. Having both utilizes both of their strengths. Nolva can be used throughout the entire cycle and PCT, and Clomid should be exclusively used for PCT.


you should take before and after pics. thats not something i see often around here and would really like to see what kind of changes actually take place during AAS usage. not knowing anyone personally that uses, i have never seen the actual transformation. sorry for the tangent..


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A lot of people seem to get confused. I am not a doctor but I play one on TV so I will give you my basic Hollywood Upstairs Medical School Summary:

Clomid - helps recovery a lot, blocks estrogen a little by preventing it from attaching to receptors (does not stop estrogen formation!!!!).
typical use Post cycle is:
W 1 100-150mg/d
W 2 50-100mg/d
W 3 25-50mg/d
Side effects are that it can cause severe mood swings that are kinda like PMS and it gives you a larger volume of ejaculate (think Peter North).

Nolva - Helps recovery a little, blocks estrogen receptor sites very well (still does not stop estrogen formation!!!!).
Typical use during cycle is:
Through cycle 10-20mg/d for prevention or 20-40mg/d to stop gyno symptoms once they appear.
Typical use post cycle is:
W 1 40mg/d
W 2 30mg/d
W 3 20mg/d
W 4 20mg/d
Side effects are a slight reduction in water retention and occasionally acne.

Adex - Stops test etc from being turned into estrogen fairly well to reduce the amount of estrogen in your system.
Typical dose during cycle is:
Through cycle at 0.25-1.0mg/d and carrying on into the post cycle or taper period to continue to block excess estrogen formation.



Thanks to all of you for the help I now know everything i need for my cycle. Thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge, see ya


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