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Losing My Patience


I've just finished up a nice long bulk and am feeling pretty fat. Hell, okay, I am pretty "fat".

I know that if I want to hang onto my LBM I have to give my a body a chance to get used to being at this weight, but as a FFB it's hard psychologically!

Anyway, I'm just ranting to get it out of my system. I know what I have to do... I'm just getting impatient!


I'm at 170, after a while of bulking up, and I want to see my abs. What's the best diet for cutting????

Happy now? Stop being a pussy and do what you have to!


Chop it off and grow a new one.


I know the feeling, man. You want to see what you've got under all the padding!!

Patience, grasshopper, patience.


I hear ya man, Im in the same position.


Well get on your pushbike and go burn soem fat.


What, no pic? You need to post a pic holding a shoe so we can help you with a precise cutting plan.


You KNOW it's a long-term investment. And summer isn't here for a couple months (if that's a motivating factor). PLENTY of time to do it right!

There. What more encouragement and moral support could you ask for? :wink:


Really. Without the shoe, the whole post is shot...


Yeah yeah, you won't get any damned shoe out of me!

Another week.

One more week of this little alarm going off in my head saying that if I don't eat something I might lose weight!

Am I full? No. I better eat!

Time to head to the gym yet? No? Good, then I have time to get a snack in.

Did I lift today? Yes. Damn, I better eat some more.

Did I lift yesterday? Yeah? I better eat!

Am I going to lift tomorrow? Yep. I'd better get eating!

Time to sleep yet? No. Plenty of time to eat.

Time to sleep? Yeah! I'd better get in one last snack!

Yawn. Hey, it's morning. OMG, I haven't eaten all night... I'd better get a meal in me.


How's your deadlift doin?



Good timing on the question. I don't consider myself strong or anything like some of the bastards on this site, but I pulled a damned (20lb) PR this afternoon.


Holy crap, make my day! I'm hoping more will follow since I'll be lifting heavier as the big eating winds down.


I'm really sorry to hear you're at odds with your bulk-belly. What is it about summer, anyway? Out here, you wear long sleeve shirts in summer. Hardly the season for showing some skin! I'll be bulking all summer, woo hoo! How much weight have you gained this time around?

I see my belly as a nest egg. It's gathering interest, and when it's time to spend, voila! Solid 225, 10% BF. Thus I have learned to love the bulk belly. It is my friend.

That's a solid pull, vroom!




Hahaha. That's a good way to look at it I guess.


I've seen your pictures, you are nowhere near the FB you used to be. Think how much stronger and healthier you feel now compared to several years ago.

You'll get there. This is just a transitional phase in your goals.


Nice number vroom. It can't all be fat bro!


Just change your mind set. When I'm bulking and I see a guy that's leaner than me I just think, "Pussy! Nice abs too bad you can't even squat your bodyweight. I know you're envious of this 500 lbs in my hands. Ahhh!"

Then when you're cutting just tell yourself that everyone that's bigger than you is a fat bastard that couldn't get laid at a sumo wrestler convention. Sure that weight might be heavy but at least you can see your dick.

It's just a matter of mental justification and trickery.

Wow did I just say all that. This V-Diet is making me crazy. Hang in there vroom. Bulking is way more fun than cutting. Trust me I know right now and if you disagree I'll break my diet and eat you. Ha!


As a former fat boy I can not allow my self to put on that much weight. I understand your dilemma


Thanks for the kind words folks. To answer a question or two, I put on about 30 pounds since last fall, from ~205 to ~235. Probably my first real bulking attempt ever.

As a FFB it's never been easy for me to be lean, and it was difficult to just stuff the old food in, there are psychological barriers to that when you've spent a lifetime trying to figure out how to get leaner. Sigh, where was T-Nation when I was growing up?

Anyway, I know a lot more than I used to, so it was time to take a bit of a leap. Next fall and winter I should find it easier to jump in.

Hey, it's also time to get serious and buy some chalk -- and a new pair of gym shorts!