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Losing my Mind about Carbs


i train in the am. pre carb source is usually Wheat/Ezekiel bread. about 30-35g carbs

post i usually have a 32oz Gatorade. 56g carbs

meal after post is a serving of oatmeal. about 25g carbs.

next meal an apple. so im over 100g carbs this is all before 5pm.

after 5pm i have no carbs other than my veggies. im 5'9 weigh 215. im at about 13-15% bodyfat

any tips? want to get rid of the fat and get as strong as possible.

taking in about 180-200g protein

and a healthy amount of good fats, Almonds, olive oil, eggs.


Losing weight is about total calories, not specifically carbs. Do you know exactly how much you're eating?


No i really am not losing any fat on this diet. im at about 2000 calories a day


Does it seem like Carbophobia has spiked in the past couple weeks?


You're right!

Maybe some hiccup on the board reverted the Nutrition forum to 2003.


i second that


yeah I agree, drop the gatorade


ditch the carbs and go on the anabolic diet. HA


Something is wrong here...you're 215 lbs at 13-15% BF and aren't losing ANY weight at 2000 calories per day??? Your metabolism is either all fucked up or you're consuming far more calories than you're calculating...


If your carb and cal intake are indeed correct, it sounds like you've essentially dieted your metabolism into a hole. You won't be getting much leaner until you work your engine back to normal functioning IMO.



I fully agree with Stu and Davinci, your metabolism is off.

How long have you been dieting, and do you have any refeeds/cheats/etc. in your current plan?


Thanks for the replies guys. and Stu any reccommendations? i weighed myself today. 228lbs. ive also been having about 3-5 whole eggs w/ Steak. or eggs and bacon. around 500-600 calories first thing in the morning. then hitting the gym about 1 1/2 to 2 hours later. then mid/post having the gatorade. cant really get on Surge $$. meal an 1hr later is oatmeal natty PB and a shake. i have been doing 1-1 1/2 scoop shakes. im taking in about 200g protein.

should i intake more to up some calories? my 6th meal is at 9 or 10pm. its a shake 2 scopes with a healthy serving of almond butter. if i ditch the gatorade what should i have post for a nice insulin spike? im still trying to put on some mass i want to thicken up. I am getting bigger i think its due to the insulin spike after my workout? thanks again for the help. and ive had no re feeds at all


I'm going to go with you're probably eating more than you think you are.


This is the second thing that stands out to me as well. Potential for unrealistic expectations; especially depending on your level of development.


i'm liking this idea too. Here are things that seem off:

  • Steak and eggs (and ezekial bread?) adding up to only 500-600 cals in the morning.
  • Having peanut and almond butter in a diet that adds up to only 2000 cals.
  • Being 215-228lbs at 5'9", and only being 15% bf, without seeming to know how to put a diet together..

Bro, you might be totally jacked, but it sounds like you're probably kind of fat. Just eat less.


Interesting read:

A lot of good logic and research/science to back up explaining why the whole calories in calories out is bullsh$t....

Ive toyed with different diets for more than 20 years, and I tend to believe that it is BS to some degree...especially as you age and your hormonal profile changes....what you eat and how it impacts your hormones makes a whole lot more sense than the calories in calories out BS....

If you are really training right and dieting hard, and not seeing results, you need to see a doctor and get a bunch of labs done to see whats up...

Or as the folks say, you might be eating much more than you think...and/or your training might not be all that...and/or you might have crappy genetics...

How old are you? How are you measuring your BF %? Calipers from some dumb ass at a commercial gym is going to be bunk, bio electrical impedance is total bunk, the best bet is to find a sports med lab near you and pay $50 to get dunk tanked....

Then what kind of training are you doing? Isolation BB crap and steady state? Or training hard core intervals and pushing real iron in the squat rack or on an olympic platform doing PL and olympic lifts, full body multiple joint compound ground based movements?


Oh geez, here we go again.

BCJ, if what you eat affects hormones, which in turn affect how you burn and partition calories, then doesn't that effectively change the inputs in the energy balance equation?

It's ALWAYS calories in = calories out, it's just that that equation is a little more complicated than someone who's making a living supposedly "debunking" thermodynamics wants to admit.


Lol - have fun Strong. : )


Feel free to enlighten me gurus (seriously). Or point me to a link you guys have covered this.

I toyed with low carb diets are far as 16 years ago with Duchaine's BodyOpus, and on and off since then when I felt like I wanted to lean out. Anytime I go low carb, 15 years ago, or now, without counting calories at all, I lean out. So that book makes perfect sense to me.

The only time I counted calories was in my teens for most part and later at points I was just playing around trying to get a little bigger, so id crush calories in order to put on a few pounds. Haha...these days, if I were to crush calories like that Id blimp up, my body has changed for sure. So low carb works way better for me for leaning out and staying strong.

I do not get on this nutrition forum much because I have diets and supplements that work for me. Once every few months I pop in, so I havent been keeping up with whomever is the gurus on here and their threads debunking not counting calories. If it is BS, Id like to read the argument why.


I hate that word. Guru.

Anyway it's not that a low-carb approach won't work - it certainly will. But attaching more importance to a particular macronutrient than overall energy balance is flawed thinking. Not to mention, dropping carbs from the diet is just another way of reducing calories overall - which of course contributes to fat loss because you're taking in less energy. Even though you increase fat calories (or you should if going low, low carb) - even just ditching starchy carbs "at night" is simply another form of overall calorie control.

You can't trump thermodynamics - just can't do it. So that, and a lot of the advice in your post was rather dated and "bro-sciency" - but no doubt there are many different dietary approaches that will work to change body composition - low carb being just one of them.