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Losing My Hair!

Man, just a coupla months before I start my first ever PH cycle I find I’ve begun to thin at the top of my head. I noticed loss at the front but thought I’d stopped it with Nizoral but all the while I never paid attention to the vertex.

I’ve decided to get some 5% minoxidil and some 5% spironolactone topical. Does anyone know where I can get topical spiro apart from Dr Lee (very expensive there)?

I would also love to get some information on this. Such as products to use so I wouldn’t lose some of my hair while on a cycle. Thank you guys.

Go to Goggle’s alt.baldspot and do a search and there is a guy from england who has it fairly cheap.

I did th search but couldn’t find anything about an english supplier. Do you know his name/company?

I wouldn’t look to “alt.baldspot” for anything, especially reliable information on hair loss, or legitimate companies selling products. That place is packed with kooks and creeps. I’m not sure but I think Dr. Lee may be one of the few people formulating a topical spironolactone. You might try a mailorder place called Community Drug. For information about hair loss, I recommend the website Hairlosshelp.com. Although you will not find much knowledge about steroids and their effect on hair loss there. Good for general information though.