Losing Muscle?

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to lose muscle even if you continually work out or ‘shrink’ / stop growing? I don’t feel like im gaining like i have when i first started lifting in febuarary. I havn’t been able to lift full 10 reps with some weight like ill do 1st set, 10 reps, 2nd set with heavier weight, 7 reps, and ill do the 3rd set with that same heavy weight and hit it at 7 reps again b/c i cant squeeze in the last 3 reps without failing. Even with this, i dont seem to be gaining anymore… on the 3rd rep should i just increase the weight anyhow regardless if i didnt complete the first 10 reps on set 2?

maybe im doing something wrong? anyone point me to the right direction. thanks.

You’re not givng up a helluva lot of information but there are some basics to follow…
To answer your question - Yes you can lose muscle if you are over-training (or doing too much cardio), not resting, or not consuming enough calories.

Secondly… Are you sure that you’re losing muscle and not fat?

Third… Your body will get into a rut and will not respond to weight training as well if you follow the same routine(s) day in and day out.
Youhave to mix it up and incorporate diffferent techniques to “shock” the system and respond by muscle growth.
Good luck