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Losing Muscle


i would like to know how i can loose pec muscle, since i'm doing some martial arts it is not adviced to have a big chest.

so at the gym i've stopped working my chest a long time ago & been working only lats (pull ups) and delts (barbell behind neck press), arms abs and legs i've also chose exercices that don't involve pecs even indirectly. but it doesn't work my chest got even bigger doing this especially the lower part !!

i'm doing 2 heavy workouts + sprints per week (one day: lats + delts the other day lower body+ arms)
and 2 Lactate-inducing workouts/ week + 20 min cardio


Assuming you aren't a troll, I wish we could spar so I could prove your first statement invalid. You're 5'10'', 148lbs and 15% BF. Your chest is most likely below average in size. When I was in competition I fought at 166lbs at 6 foot and 5-6% BF with a tiny chest. Don't worry about losing chest mass, yours is definately small enough, worry about mobility via flexibility. All that being said...you have to be a troll.


hey i'm not a troll, i'm serious ! i have a problem here ! the lower part of my chest is big and i don't like that ! ok


i'm already working on my mobility and flexibility, and my chest is big enough, first when i started working out at the gym i was doing pec exercises like 3 times a week (very heavy)of course i wasn't 148 lbs i was 187

i've developed a big chest (and also big traps) now i just wanna lose the mass it this specific area so i'd have a more harmonious body !




I wish I had boobs for a chest to play with...


So anyone watch Dawson-Tarver on Sat. night?

Dawson is fuckin nasty. He's gonna be tough.


yeah i didnt know dawson was that strong(first time seeing him)
i think tarver is done but i wonder if his ego will allow him to retire


It was the first time that I really watched him too.

Tarver didn't look terrible- he landed some good shots. but I think he's just too old. He gassed out bad by the sixth, was telegraphing and throwing slow, sloppy punches.

Too bad.


As for this weight you lost, did you check under the sofa? Or your "chest of drawers" (pun intended).


Edit... I should read better.


I've heard from a friend's friend that some people like this picture.


Maybe you could put more energy into your technique than your chest size. As a boxer I found it hard with 10DD breasts. If you have a problem work around it and focus on what you can do rather than what you can't.





They shrunk to 10D when I cut weight...

what what?


i dunno. i usually with girls who wear bras that are 32-36C or D.

trying to figure out what the hell a 10D looks likes


I would stop worrying about muscle size and start training harder. If you're 15% bf you must not be training hard, that or you eat WAY too much for someone worried about size.


drool mmmmm... boobs... drool


probably rather nice, they're breasts after all

I think there's probably some confusion regarding the numbers...I think in Australia 10D is around the same as 30 something D here in the US...but I'm not positive on that one


Something like that... haha
But the point that I was trying to make is that larger breasts were annoying but not changeable. Use your body to the best of its ability and thats all you can do.