Losing Muscle Mass

I am a male: 5’ 7’’ and 170 lbs with a fair amount of muscle mass, especially in my legs. Don’t get be wrong: I don’t have a desire to lose weight. In fact, I would ideally like to gain as much muscle mass as possible. However, I have been struggling lower and upper back pain, as well as tightness in my hips, legs, and shoulders for many years now. Basically, my body is an imbalanced mess and I’m wondering if I try to lose a lot of muscle mass, if my symptoms will improve. Do skinny people have less pain?

Read Cressey;s articles here. Head over to mobilitywod.com. Be patient and dedicated with mobility/soft tissue work, and you’ll feel infinitely better.

Hey bro. First things first you should go see a pro and get looked at especially if this pain has been goin on for years. Do you exercise? When I didn’t workout I was a mess all the time… terrible posture + sitting 10 hrs a day not good for the body. You intentionally losing muscle mass i’m sure is not a good idea. More info would help…