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Losing Muscle Mass and Gaining Fat

Hi, i am 20 years old, 1.86cm, 102kg and i’ve been lifting since i was 15.
Since September last year i didn’t gain any muscle mass, even if my strength increased. I had 92kg and a visible 4 pack. Right now i look much worse than last year, my 4 pack is gone and the rest of the muscles don’t have that look or density anymore (they’re also smaller). During these months, i did not change anything in my diet or training as i mentioned and my strength kept increasing (not by much but there is a difference). I wasn’t wasting my time looking in the mirror everyday to see how i look because i was very busy with school, but my trainings remained at the same intensity.

I can’t really tell when all started happening.
I was always using protein powder, bcaa and citrulline. I was eating as clean as possible, only cooked food and rarely some junk. My protein intake for 1 day was like 195-230g and carbs 430g or so.

I want to get bloodwork done but i don’t know what should i check for. I am sure that this has to be a hormonal problem or something because right now i look like i don’t even lift. I also feel depressed and tired all the time. If it wasn’t that serious i wouldn’t ask for your advice. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you!

Edit: I never used gear, sarms or other enhancing drugs. I drink only at New Year party and i don’t smoke.

Make Hormone: TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG, TSH

Also get a CBC with lipids and CMP for good measure.

I threw in TSH for thyroid in the male hormone above. Depending on that result you may need more thyroid labs.

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too much volume in your workout, lack of rest day , bad sleep ?