Losing Motivation During Diet. Need a Change

Hey there CT,
As you know I’ve been dieting down pretty hard. I’m 6 weeks in, the results are great. I’ve been doing 531 for 8 months now and I really love it.

Im loosing motivation by the day since this diet. I need a change in routine to keep focus.

I want to do your “fastest way to get jacked”. High volume is the ticket I need. I think I’m neurolly driven.

My question. I have 3 thoughts. Because my schedule allows only a 4day training program.

  1. Take “fastest way” and plow through the program as written but only 4days a week. Taking a week and a half to get through all 6.

  2. Alter the program to fit a 4day schedule.

  3. Choose a different program that’s already built for a 4 day split

Thanks CT, your time, advice, and input is always very valuable and appreciated.