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Losing Military Industry

Hey guys its me semper_fi but I’ve decided to drop that name until I actually become a marine. Anyways check out this article http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061008/BUSINESS/610080384
Real disturbing stuff here. Like how we import 10 percent of our tank parts

Interesting article.

I don’t feel worried by this though. Importing some of the parts (10 percent doesn’t seem like a lot to ME at least) from China means we get more bang for our buck.

And I just can’t be worried about some sudden need to mass produce large quantities of tanks here at home anyway. As weird as this sounds, think about this:

The more we rattle the saber abroad, and the more dependent we are on foreign companies to get our stuff to wage war, the harder it will be for the foreign nations who make our stuff to NOT want us to kick asses. They have a lot to gain from us beating the shit out of the bad guys, because they make lots of money that way.

Is China going to throw a major shit fit if we invade Iran (for example), knowing that they are going to get paid out the ching-chang (hehe) for making parts for our tanks?

I know it’s a lot more complex that that, but it’s just a facet of this issue that I thought of.