losing leg strength and one armed pushups

Two things of late:
Started running hardcore again…and dear god, the weight on my squats has dropped!! I was at 185 and am down to 135 on a GOOD day. Is this temporary? Will I readjust? Or am I just not going to be able to squat like I used to if I’m running heavy?
An in a quest for one armed pushups: anybody have any tips for trying to start these/build up to them?

The Elfling

Or am I just not going to be able to squat like I used to if I’m running heavy? [/quote]

There you go.

Hey, it works the other way too. Try to run hard when you’ve been squatting heavy. The two just don’t mix very well. Hard biking either.

Each event requires different neurological adaptations.

Running requires that your body recruit few muscle fibers simultaneously in order to preserve energy and have a backup which allows it to alternate work between different fibers.

Heavy lifting requires that your body be able to recruit as many fibers as possible simultaneously.

If you spend a considerable ammount of time developing one of these adaptations, you’ll lose the other to an extent.

It’s the ‘use it or lose it’ syndrome. Your body has a lot of potential but not the ability to display all of it at the same time.

I would like to BUMP the one-arm pushup question…I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but since the first time I saw Rocky I’ve wanted to do these suckers…

…but it’s not a use or loose it situation. He’s still squating he’s just loosing strength doing it.

Would eating more help? Are you on a cutting cycle?

If you continue to run hard your squatting will suffer. Have been where you are and tried to do both. It never worked out for me.

As for the one arm push-ups. Start with one hand on a wall. Then work your wat to a chair then a stool and finally the floor.

I have done 20 one armed push-ups and this is how I worked up to my first one.

1-arm pushups put a tremendous ammount of pressure in your triceps and require much greater stabilization from your shoulders.

Personally I feel most of the stress on the medial of head of my triceps, which may indicate that developing this head will carry over effectively towards one-arm pushups.

I second Zeb’s recommendations. Even one-armed wall pushups will stress your triceps very effectively if you’re not strong enough to do them on the floor yet.