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Losing Lbs and Getting Leaner


Hello everyone,

I have enjoyed reading this site for quite some time and really appreciate the "brotherhood" that is formed with everyone helping each other.

It seems that most of the articles on here are about eating to gain mass and sustain muscle growth, but I want to shed about 5-10 lbs from my 170lb frame and in that time also get really cut. I do have a good base of muscle mass on my body as a soccer player, but now want to get my body leaner and more ripped for photos, etc.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me put together an eating program to help me accomplish my goals. I am dedicated to following the routine - I just need a highly effective plan.

Hope to have some helpers.




We need more than just 170 Lbs. to help you...


damn 170 pounds wow you must be obeese


are U 5'2?


If you only want to lose 5-10 lbs I suggest the Velocity Diet. But only do it for 2 weeks, otherwise you'll look too anorexic. It's a ridiculously simple diet that works every time. My opinion though - cut out the flax and fish oil and take Flameout and chewable fiber tablets instead. You'll thank me for it.

One question though - At 170, are you going to have anything under that 5-10lbs that will be worth looking at when you're done?


Classic T-Nation pile-on for a small guy wanting to lose weight, I see. Poster's name is 'Soccergod', so let's assume he plays soccer. To pick a superstar at random, England's Wayne Rooney is about 5'10" and 170lbs. Yeah, a world class professional athlete who excels at his sport despite not "getting fuckin' huuuuuge!"

Really, what does it take to knock off the beefcake fanboy bullshit around here? I'll start the clock now and give an o/u of 5 minutes before the metrosexual and/or Brad Pitt references drop...


The T-Dawg Diet 2.0 is less drastic than the Velocity Diet and has yielded great results for many on this site. Here's the link:




There are plenty of soccer sites out there, and cocaine model boys that can share their diet.

Not everyone here is a bodybuilder, but almost everyone is looking to get bigger, stronger, or more proficient for their sport.

He wants to look good for photos...


Dude, please shut the fuck up. No one "piled up" on this guy. The very first response he got is also one of the most important. No one should be doling out advice without even knowing this guy's stats. Would your advice be the same if it turned out he was 6'2" and trying to drop to 160lbs or less?



I hear great things about the velocity diet. But at 170, playing soccer all the time, how much leaner can you get (healthily)? You aren't in great shape now?

If you can't see definition that you want, it might just be a shitty diet. I'd suggest cleaning your diet up instead of 'cutting'.


No muscle will cause even the "leanest" person to look like they are just flat and skinny. You can't define bone...at least not while expecting anyone to have sex with you.


While not my personal goal, I don't think any of the professional soccer players have too much trouble getting sex. Many of them are easily in the 160s at 5'10. They look defined and aren't simply scrawny though clearly lack size. But it is also my personal belief that most performance athletes should not be dieting. At least not during the season. So long as the quality of food is good and healthy and training is appropriate, the body should be what training dictates it will be.


Hey everyone,

I appreciate the discussion that is going on and for those that want to help, I extend my thanks. As I mentioned, I'm 5'10, 170lbs and I would say I'm roughly 10% body fat - dont know for sure but I will snap a picture or two within the next few days to help youu judge.

Naturally, through soccer my legs are bulky and very muscular - basically it is like my upper torso is from a different body than my lower torso b/c my upper body is leaner. My reasoning for losing weight is two-fold: 1) My comfortable playing weight is 160 and that is what I was at before I got injured (Im fine now) 2) Definition for photos, beach, etc.

Im sure you have all seen modeling campaigns and/or pictures of the top professional soccer players like Beckham, Fredrik Ljungberg, etc - they very leaner but powerful. I tryt o watch what I eat, but I do bow my head to those who know more than me about nutrition (im sure most of you do know more than me), and humbly ask that someone help me construct an eating plan that will allow me to reach my target weight and get shreadded.

I am willing to answer any questions you have to help you write the program, and if you would like, private msg me. Thanks again - I look forward to hearing from some of you.


As promised, here is a photo of myself to help you all have a better idea of how my body looks now (sorry it took a few days). I want to get leaner and shed about 10-12 lbs of bodyfat (Im 170lbs and 5'10). Looking to significantly change my body to a long and lean body type (ie B.Pitt in Fight Club -I'm sure you've heard of that one before - hehe)

I really need help designing a program that fits my needs w/ soccer & gym schedule combined with my normal "desk" job during the week. I can discuss this in more detail with anyone who is really interested in helping someone achieve their goals.



try the t-dawg 2.0 or velocity diet

You are definitely NOT 10% body fat, upwards of 15 would be my guess. Perhaps lifting weights(more) and getting your diet dialed in is just what the doctored ordered.


No...you don't, and perhaps putting more intensity into your weight training would help increase your metabolism enough to help you out in your goal. Like was said before, someone with very little muscle mass will not look "better" by losing even more weight. You will simply be leaner. There has to be something there to define, otherwise you just look skinny.


Im sorry dude but I think those who say you need to gain more muscle are right. Your legs seem decent, but I think you need a diet and some really heavy compund lifts to get rid of that gut, and to get built. Squats will help you immensely.


I'd keep your caloric intake the same. I'd bump up your physical activity slightly. I'd also look into building a more complete physique - your upper body appears to be lacking. In addition, I would NOT do the Velocity Diet. Just slightly lowering your carbohydrate intake and refining your food consumptory patterns will lean you out sufficiently for summer.


In my opinion, you would really be well served to gain some muscle. Your calves are about the only thing that looks decent, which is not surprising for you being a soccer player. I don't care how lean Brad Pitt was in Fight Club, he still had to diet down to that weight and maintain if for not more than a few days at a time. Keeping that leaness year round in those not genetically gifted for it would likely result in a great loss is muscle mass and strength and very little ability to build either.

Not only that, but I'm sure he had great nutritionists and trainers telling him what to do to get in that shape. If you try to lose 10lbs of fat, you'll likely lose 10lbs of muscle as well because your body simply does not have the muscle mass to to burn significant calories throughout the day, nor do you have the knowledge how to effectively diet. To be a ripped 160lbs (fairly worthelss in my opinion) you'd likely need to weigh 180-190lb first.

Build muscle and learn about proper nutrition over time and things should fall into place. But please, do not try to cut weight now, it will only set you back.


You should post another pic of you holding a shoe. It helps to make an accurate BF% estimate.

\|/ 3Toes