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Losing Hope: Knee Injury

Injured my knee in September… haven’t done squats, deadlifts or lunges since then. Definitely cannot do leg extensions or split squats.

I have tons of motivation to train legs, but I can’t, other than light hamstring curls and glute bridges. Can anyone give me a reason to not give up on powerlifting? I guess I am stubborn–powerlifting is like crack for me, but I guess I have to be content with just doing bench :confused:

what specifically is wrong with your knee?

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Hard to give advice without knowing 1) what the problem is and 2) what you’ve been doing (if anything) to address it.

I blew out my ACL and shredded my meniscus and managed to get in some leg training through injury and surgical recovery. What is holding you back in this instance?

Tweaked it one day during squatting and it has never been the same. It feels a little weak in general. What’s funny is all the joints on my left side are a little off–it started with my left upper back then slowly spread to the left lower back and now the left knee. My elbows are also messed up but I think it’s from too much texting. I can do light weight squats very carefully, but will get intense pain in the left knee if I try going heavier. It basically doesn’t hurt as long as I avoid the exercises that hurt. I’m thinking all i can do is the voo doo band flossing and lots of yoga and myofascial release and be patient. I hate yoga but it’s one of the only things I think will work. I’ll try to save up and get acupuncture too.