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Losing Hip/Thigh Fat w/out Looking like Ms Hulk


After being called Bison by my sisters, clothes becoming too tight, i’ve decided to make or break by posting on facebook that I’m taking up the velocity plan - well I just heard about it yesterday.

My deal:
whey protein shakes; boiled veg (can’t do with a total liquid diet) - also the supplements aren’t readily available in SG.
The gym’s next door to work so that should be easy.

All the workouts here are pretty intimidating. Anyone know of something that I can follow without killing myself? Never done bench presses in my life, but willing to learn. I cycle, run, fence etc, shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

Any advice appreciated! 1st trainig starts tomorrow. I’ll keep the details posted!

I think the Velocity Diet comes with a training plan.

It doesn’t sound like you are doing that but doing your own version??

What are your goals aside from reducing BF in your lower half?
Most women(all??) here WANT TO Look like Ms. Hulk! :slight_smile:

hi mom-in-md , well, yes i am following the morning walk, and the 3 workouts a week. What i’m not sure about is what to do during the 3 workouts. I could probably do 1) clean lifts 2) Legs 3) Arms.

But then that doesn’t have specific exercise targeted at my mid-section. Maybe i can incorporate it into the 1st workout?