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Losing Hair?


Ok im only 21 and I noticed my hair is thining. is ther anything i can try before going to rogain????


Shave it off.


This is what everyone is going to tell you.

Try propecia. I use proscar cut up into four pieces.


Saw Palmetto might help. Try the 160mg tablets twice daily.

There are some good hair shampoos available which are supposed to remove the DHT which accumulates and blocks the hair follices from growing.

By the way don't be afraid to use Rogaine. I have been using it for the past five years or so when I first noticed some thinning. I won't say that it has grown any hair, but I have not lost any! And I only use it once per day (before bed). The recommendation on the bottle is twice per day.

I think my point is to start a "hair keep" regime immediately. Regrowing hair is proving to be quite difficult. Keeping what you have can be done if you act early.

Good luck,





This is what guys who want to see you give in just like they did. Fight it with every chemical known to man!


Like ZEB said, the best thing to do is keep the hair you have. I used Rogaine several years ago and it stopped the hair loss but didn't regrow anything.

Then I just said "fark it" and shaved my head. Much better.


I try to imagine my grandfather limping down his hallway (he broke his back in WW2) toward the bathroom. Then I try to see him looking sadly in the mirror, fretting over his thinning hair, smearing Rogaine on his head.

If he knew I ever TRIED to picture that scene, he'd kick me in the balls.


re: saw palmetto

I'm not sure of the accuracy or terminology in the following, but I remember reading somewhere that taking saw palmetto capsules does not block DHT at the receptor site (follicles) and does little if anything to prevent hair loss.


The jury is still out on this. However, even if it does not help stop hair loss, it does help the health of the prostate gland!

I figure you might be getting a twofer...who knows....


The money can be best spent on other things.

You're still going to lose it, even if you manage to slow it down for a couple years and thousands of dollars later. A shaved head never goes out of style and is cheap and easy to maintain.


I knew I'd get an explaination from you!

Untill the island leaves the penninsula, fight it with all you got!