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Losing Gains Quickly!


I seem to have the problem that when I stop working out for just two weeks, all my gains dissapear. My arms get smaller and my legs get weaker in a very rapid amount of time. What should I do!


your diet and everything else stays the same?


stop taking fucking breaks wow....is this a no brainer? I dont get it...training is the best thing in my life...i would kill myself without it...i couldnt fathom taking a few days off let alone a couple weeks. All this taking two week rests bullshit after a certain amount of time on a routine is BS to me. So is training like 3 times a week lol...how can someone tell me that you get better results training each body part 4 times a month?! Anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy bro...high frequency and i dont give a fuck what others say. Hardcore BBers are in the gym everyday for hours each day.


I really doubt youre losing that quickly unless your drastically reducing your calories or doing a whole lot of cardio on your 2 weeks off. ..

but if you want advice to use try just taking a week break like every 2-3 months or just use some reduced volume weeks here and there to make sure your getting enough recovery. ..

after 2 weeks of not working legs I went back into the gym and made some serious progress on squats and added 1/4 to my legs in a week.. . so breaks arent necessarily a bad thing. ..


First of all lets hear your stats. Height/Weight/BF%/Lifts/Years training.

I hate to sound like a jerk, but if you're losing all you're gains in two weeks, I'm guessing you probably only have two weeks worth of gains to begin with.


keep working out

seriously though sounds like you are not eating enough.


WTF? How old are you? If you're serious about getting somewhere, I think you need to research some simple facts about training and your diet.


well i was eating well, and then midterms and spring break hit and i didnt really have access to good food or a gym.

Im 20, 5-11 and 206 lbs. Bodyfat-not sure. 225 bench, 275 squat 6rm

Ive been bulking for around 3 months now, going from 190s to now(starting mid december). When i first started working out i was 165(2 years ago). As of two weeks ago, I had some definition of an upper ab, my legs were rock solid, and my arms felt strong. Now it seems im all fat.

Now, no part of my bpdy feels hard looks good naked. Its frusterating. Normally I workout everyday and dont miss(it sucks to miss).

Then two weeks later and if feel pretty crappy.

Dont tell me this doesnt happen to other people. It happens so quickly its got to happen to everyeone else.


You didnt give your body time to adjust to its new size. You went from bulking to eating nothing. You have to give yourself a few months at least of stady eating at your NEW calorie requirement level and the MAINTAIN that. If you bulked, then went back down to what you USED TO eat you're gonna lose. Remember your body now needs much more fuel than it did before to sustain. If you dont get it, you'll see negative results.


In what rep-range do you train?

I've found that I lose size a lot quicker during a break if I've been doing higher reps compared to if I've been doing heavy low-rep work.

Is that just me or have some of you guys here noticed the same?