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Losing Gains on Cruise After a Blast, Is it Normal?

Hello guys, is it normal to lose pretty much all the gains acquired during the blast, once we cruise ? I also always cruise on low dose which is my TRT dose of 80mg/week.
I ask this question because nowadays, every Fitness Youtubers / Instagram say that, they are done with steroid and are now on TRT dose, but they don’t lose any muscle !!!

“TRT dose” is not a concrete number. Some people call a 250mg/week dose “TRT”, while others would call that a mini-blast. My doc prescribes me 160mg/week and it keeps me in the 800’s total T. If you are “cruising” on 250/week, yeah you won’t lose anything. If 80mg/week keeps your test levels in the physiological range and you are losing everything you gained on blast, then I would either look at your diet and training on cruise, or be reconciled to the idea that you are at your genetic maximum for muscle and you cannot get any bigger without more gear.

No… The cruise is there so you DONT lose gains.

You answered your own question here.

A TRT is not a Cruise and the Cruise is not TRT.
TRT is a replacement. Cruise is a bridge between blasts on the lowest possible dose to not lose gains.
You are on TRT and you try to use it as a cruise, even tho its NOT MENT to be a cruise.
I dont understand how can you not see the answer to your questions in your own comment.
Cruise is a cruise. TRT is a TRT. Not the same thing.
A real TRT replaces you with normal levels of test. You cant maintain blast gains on normal levels of test, because if that was the case, then you could also cycle off and maintain the blast gains on natural test, right?

Well, many people on youtube also say that Jesus Christ came and talked to them.

ARE THEY LYING!!!?!?!?!?!

If you have to ask if people on the internet selling dick enlargement pills are lying, what are you, 12 years old? Im not sure if 12 year olds believe shit on the internet tho.


I think the answer very much depends on what you believe constitutes ‘gains’. Let’s say a competently managed blast grosses 20lb of total weight. Your expectations should be that 10 of those lbs shed off within two weeks, irrespective of cruising, trt, or PCT. It wasn’t real in the first place since it was just water and glycogen. From there you’ve got the remaining fat and muscle. Let’s call it an even split between them. So 5lbs of legitimate muscle tissue is what remains. Assuming you’re eating at your new maintenance and you aren’t at or exceeding the limits of what your body can carry, you should be able to keep most of that. But Hank’s point is an important one. If you’re already pushing the limits of what you could have done naturally then healthy, within-range trt probably isn’t going to allow you to keep that new mass long term. But if you’re just a regular dude who’s on trt and decides to blast? Yeah, you should be able to keep a lot of what you put on. As always your diet is going to be the biggest factor in that. If you don’t eat enough to maintain then neither trt nor an enhanced version will keep you from losing a little more.

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totally agree

I don’t want to break your heart, but many of them are just lying in an effort to sell you something, whether it’s their program, clinic, diet book, whatever.

those that aren’t lying have much better genetics than you and me.

the rest is an illusion; filters, edits, clothing, perspective, all engineered to make them seem bigger or more ripped on the social media.


Thank you all for the replies,
80 mg test / week puts me at 980 ng which is on the upper limit. I think you right about the genetics. The diet and training has remain the same.
According to your responses, Cruising is not a TRT, its a bridge (like a mini blast).


And thats why you lose blast gains. Your trt is only upper range of NORMAL. What is built on more cant be maintained on normal. I have seen an opinion that a cruise is your weight in lbs + rounded up. So if you weigh 220lbs you can cruise on 220-250. 250 + gh and slin might even let you progress super slow on a cruise.


Dropping down to cruise doses, you are going to lose some water and glycogen. Sure you can hold on to a lot on a cruise or even dropping to trt levels, but you are bound to lose some visible “size” or conditioning regardless, to varying degrees. It’s simply part of the game.