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Losing Friends

My friend Rose died on Friday night.

She was an accomplished race driver (both rally and track driving). She was race preparing an Elva having completely rebuilt it by hand. She taught me so much about engines and driving that I couldn’t begin to list the wisdom she gave.

She died after losing control of her car when she hit black ice. She wasn’t the sort of person to drive daft on a public road and as you can imagine she could handle a car so it must have been bad.

The car rolled and the roof caved in, breaking her neck and spine in multiple places. She died instantly.

She leaves behind her husband Dereck - a truly great guy, and her 2 sons who I have never met.

I first met Rose a few years ago when I went to help Dereck with his network at their home. A few weeks later I raced against her at Oulton Park in Vauxhall Monaro’s (and got my ass completely thrashed). With a few laps afterwards and her guidance I knocked 32 seconds off my lap time.

I’ll miss her as I know anyone who met her will.

RIP Rose.

Sorry for your loss, Renton.

Sorry to hear that. It sucks to lose someone close, but it’ll get better over time.

Rose sounds like a terrific person, Renton. I’m sorry for all of you who’ll grieve her loss.

[quote]kelleyb wrote:
Sorry for your loss, Renton. [/quote]

Cheers Kelly - tbh I feel more for Dereck’s loss at the moment. She’ll leave a big gap in my life but it’s nothing compared to what him and their kids will have to endure.

I’m going up there tomorrow to visit. I spoke to him at length amidst the tears (from both of us)and we’re going to finish rebuilding the clutch for the Elva that she had started last week. Maybe a strange homage but there you have it.

She was supposed to be racing it early next year and I feel like I’d like to take her place as a farewell. If it comes off I know I’ll not get close to where she would have placed but maybe it would be fitting. There’s no way she’d have liked to see the car sitting on the side lines and not getting the ass ragged off it.

Wow - More posts since I started typing my last. Thanks all.

I’m sorry Renton that you lost your friend. I know it doesn’t help right now but at least you and her family had the time the time they did with her.

Sorry for your loss. Glad to hear she didn’t suffer.

Quem di diligunt, adolescens moritur…

Sorry bud. I been there many times… never gets any fucking easier. Stay strong man.

Once again - thanks all. I’ll pass these comments on. I find it truly humbling that people that only know me from bullshit posts on a forum have the compassion to care about me and a special lady that they never knew. This, beyond many other things, raises my belief in friends and the human race in general.

Well in pure style I have had a drink - I’ve had a bunch of drinks. I’m going to turn in now and try to sleep.

Whom the Gods love, dies young - So sadly true FI.

I am sorry for your loss. I will keep you and her family in my thoughts and prayers.


I feel for your loss, sorry man. I’ve been there too and i know how much it sucks. you and Rose’s family will be in my prayers tonight.

I am terribly sorry for your loss.

Today I got a call from my Dad saying they had to put the dog I grew up with to sleep. She had pneumonia and her lungs were giving out. It is so difficult trying to deal with this while I have to to study for exams at college. I will miss her so much :frowning:

Once again, I’m sorry and you have my empathy

If she raced Monaro’s (Holden here in Australia) she must have been an amazing girl. I am sorry for your loss.

My condolences, man.

Renton, I am so sorry to hear about your friend Rose. Its obvious you cared about her dearly and I think the idea of you racing in her honor is wonderful…just be careful.

Her husband, children, family & friends will all be in my prayers.


Hey man, I’m really sorry. How old are the boys?

[quote]Squiggles wrote:
Hey man, I’m really sorry. How old are the boys? [/quote]

The boys are all grown up - 18 & 21. Rose was 47.

Thanks again for all the words of support. It means a lot to me.

Hey man, just wanted to say sorry too. Fucking sucks when something like this happens.

Wow man, I am so sorry. I never know what to really say at times like this, sometimes all you can do is let people know that they are not alone, and that others are always around should they need anyone to listen.

I’m only recently trying to come to terms with the fact that there is so much in life that you can’t control, no matter what you do. It’s a simple concept, yet quite difficult to really process. My Grandmother always told me that our only option is most situations is to simply “deal with it” as best we can. In time, you will not forget your friend, but you will be able to look back at the good times and appreciate what you shared.

All my best my friend.