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Losing Focus

Hello all. I started dieting on January 19th. I was weighing 246lbs. In under 2 months I’ve lost a total of 36lbs. But now, after just a minor ankle sprain I’m starting to eat things that I shouldn’t and adding a pound here, then losing the pound. It gets even more frustrating because it takes extra time just to lose that one pound that I just gained in no time. I’m going to try to post pics, but I have no clue how to get them side by side. I tried toying around with Paint, but I must be an idiot.

These pictures are from the morning of the 19th as the beginning pics. Then the other pics I will try to post are at the 30lb weight loss mark. I have not taken any pics of myself at the 35lb mark, wich I wish I had done. Well here goes.

Ok, it didn’t work. So maybe if someone out there who is a little more knowledgable in this area could help me out. Maybe I could email them the pictures and they could possibley place them side by side to one another. Sorry, this was kind of a waste of a post until these pictures come up.

But anyways, I have been told I am able to lose weight moderatly fast compared to others.But at the same time, when you see from my pictures I also weigh alot more then most. I’m 5’8 also, so its alot of weight to have on such a short frame. Due to work for the most part of the first two months I’ve only been working out 2 nights a week. One night doing Legs and then the other night doing upper body and back. I figured if I only had two nights a week to work out, those would be the core lifts and areas I would try to focus on.

I started doing 5 x 5’s. With a 3-0-1 tempo. Upper body consisted of Bench press, Dumbell Rows, Incline dumbell presses and Lat pull downs. Legs consisted of Front sqauts(had back injury in Highschool so can’t do regular sqauts yet) Deadlifts, Single leg lunges, and Leg curls. It wasn’t after about a month that I was able to start running, so I may have been able to lose weight faster but didn’t really wanna end up over training. Or getting hurt.

Well if anyone can help me out with the pictures I would greatly appreciated it. Please PM me. I know this post is kind of flighty, but while I’m typing I’m also trying to get ready for work. Everyone take care.

If you haven’t been keeping a food log, you might want to for a bit. Anyway, how is the nutrition aspect of things going?

If you’ve lost a lot of weight dieting you might find your calorie needs have dropped and that your metabolism has slowed down.

You’ve got to fight to keep the metabolism going through frequent small meals, fish oil or omega-3’s, and plenty of good heavy lifting.

Apologies if you have most things in order, but it’s just impossible to tell by what you’ve posted so far.

[quote]se7en wrote:
Hello all. I started dieting on January 19th. I was weighing 246lbs. In under 2 months I’ve lost a total of 36lbs.[/quote]

That’s a pretty decent weight loss for two months. You should celebrate that with a little treat, then get back to business. When you say, ‘dieting’… what does that mean exactly? As vroom says, keep a food log, and consider posting a few days worth, or a one day example. Check the diet articles here. The T-Dawg 2 rocks.

As for the pics, just post them one at a time. One post, one pic. Simple.

Oh ya, as for focus and motivation, that has to come from YOU. Unless getting shit on in public forums is motivating for you. <:-0)

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Well, my diet consists of eating anywhere from 5-6 meals a day. Every 3-4 hours a day. A meal log for me would consist of this. Morning : 4-5 egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled, 1 apple. Meal 2 : 1 Protein bar, have been eating Trio-plex bars. I eat bars twice a day due to work constraints.

Meal 3: 1 can of tuna, 1 can of sliced green beans.

Meal 4: Another protein bar or MRP. Meal 5: 1-2 Slices of whole grain wheat bread and a palm sized hamburger that 96% lean.

Meal 6 is usually cottage cheese. That would be just for one day, I normally eat the same things over and over wich probably doesn’t help. And at times it does get boring.

And yes I have been giving myself one cheat meal a week. But now it’s just getting to the point, to where I start to crave those foods more often now.

Not because they taste any better but, well they do but they also are much different then what I’ve been eating. And mentally I’m driving myself nuts. Constantly harrasing myself about my weight, and how I feel. Do I feel like I’m retaining water, to much excess skin. How do these pants look. All this crap, wich is driving me nuts. Who knows, maybe its the lack of carbs and my seretonin levels are dipping but, these are just some things I’m going through.

I also can’t get the pictures figured out. I don’t know how to size the pictures in paint down to 125kbs in size and no more then 350 pixels. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And I don’t mind getting flamed, because in the end. I’m 2 pant sizes smaller, 1 shirt size smaller and many more notches in my belt thinner. So, constructive critiscm wiould be great, but also getting flamed wouldn’t hurt to much either. Thanks.

Cutting carbs seems to have wierd effects. I did Atkins about 2 years ago, and I was in an almost constant state of euphoria. And this was with dick for carbs in my diet. I did the T-Dawg 2 not long ago, and this time, I felt somewhat out of sorts, mood and temper-wise. But, I found the T-Dawg is easy to follow, adaptable, and allows a reasonable amount of carbs.

I strongly suggest you have a look at it. It looks to me, like you have dropped your calories too low, and you can’t continue like that. It will eventually just fuck you up.

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[quote]se7en wrote:
I don’t know how to size the pictures in paint down to 125kbs in size and no more then 350 pixels.

Whoops, sorry. I forgot about your little picture problem. Open the pic in paint. If it’s not a jpeg, save it as one. Then go to IMAGE / ATTRIBUTES and check the width. If it’s say, 800 pixels wide now, then you’d have to scale it down by 43% if my math is correct… To do that, go to IMAGE / STRECH/SKEW and change the horizontal AND the vertical by 43% and save the new pic with a new name. That’s the one you attach. Check the attributes again, after resizing to make sure it’s small enough. You can just approximate the percentage you change it, as long as it gets under 350 pixels wide.

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Side 30lb lighter


back 30lbs lighter

Flexed back

30lb lighter back flex

Side again

Dude, major improvement in the abdominals. Just keep at it, bro.

Calf I guess?

OMG. You have a short ass legs man.

[quote]HvRv wrote:
OMG. You have a short ass legs man.[/quote]

Thanks, I guess?

[quote]HvRv wrote:
OMG. You have a short ass legs man.[/quote]

ass legs? lol

That reminds me of a Muscle Head I know that used to contiuallly refer to skinny guys as “necks”. It was just a shortened form of “pencil necks”.

His best quote of this type was to a friend, “Shannon, your upper body is looking pretty good, but your legs are necks”.

You’ve obviously made great progress, your diet seems pretty good. I would definitly keep at the food log, as it will make it easier to track calories. Also, put in your cheat meals. When you crave one, you can look back and if its been less than 5 days, dont eat it. There are plenty of benefits for using one. www.fitday.com is pretty simple, and fin for your purposes.

Are you using HOT-ROX or anything?

Good luck.