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Losing Fat


So it finally came to me yesterday, I was reading this fat loss article and it stressed eating right is the most important thing for losing fat. Not lifting, HIIT, or cardio.

It got me thinking. The reason I'm 300 pounds is I eat way too much. I can't eat like a pig and then go train and expect to be fit.

For example like four days a week on the way home from work I'll stop at Schnucks and get one of those big sandwiches, some type of pasta salad from the deli, some kind of desert (preferably cupcakes), and a couple of sodas. On Saturdays I will have an extra large pizza and either toasted ravs or boscoe sticks, and soda.

For Christmas I got $20.00 in gift certificates for Penn Station. I got a small saugssage sandwich, a large itatlion sandwich, and large fries. I then got a big kit kat bar and a couple of soda from Walgreens. I ate all that in one sitting.

When I clean up my eating I really expect to drop some weight kind of quick. Even if it is not quick, I will feel better along the way.


That sounds about right. Using "eat less, move more" as a starting point, it really is the eating less (and better) that is the key to fat loss. Cardio and lifting will help but you can't out-train a crappy diet.

Progressively make smaller, incremental changes over time. Trying to do a big lifestyle makeover is too much, too soon.


From one sailor to another, I hope this is supposed to be funny and not serious.