Losing Fat: Workouts

I am following fullbody workouts to lose 10 lbs of fat. Would it be best to lift heavy on all w/o days? 5x5,5x8,and 4x6 or mix it up using say 5x5, 5x8, and 4x10.

The difference in fat loss results between 6 and 10 sets on the last exercise would be negligible. It’s not even that important between all the exercises being medium-low reps such as 6 or moderately-high reps such as 10.

In short, the most important factor being DO IT and do it HARD and consistant. Get in the gym bust your tail get out.

The #1 largest factor ive found when eating a hypocaloric diet is not messing around. make training brief but HIGH quality. Create that stimulus to preserve/gain LBM and then recover.