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Losing Fat Without Cutting Many Calories?

Currently 195lbs 6’ tall and I am 23. Body fat id say is between 14-15% as i got good definition in my arms, shoulders, upper chest, and back. Just not my lower back/love handles area and only my upper 2 abs show when they want to…

Never been on a legitimate cut before I just eat healthy unprocessed foods…I really want to get down to 10% body fat or even lower into single digits. But I dont want to just drop down calories dramatically id rather just tweek my workouts. Thinking ill eat at maintenance or just below but not too low. 2500/2700 calories sounds appropriate to me.High carb/1gprotien per lb of weight and low/moderate fat. I work at a commerical gym and im always tempted to just go workout but I fear over training since I just do heavy lifts but below is something ive mixed together to combine HIIT/body weight circuit training, and weight training/LISS to help prevent muscle loss, maybe even build a slight bit of lean muscle but the goal is to just lose as much body fat as possible, and go from 14/15% BF to 10/8%. Is 3-4 months unrealistic goal? Let me know what you guys think about the routine below if its a good strategy or if im just a fucking idiot, any input or changes you would make please post below. (RPT = reverse pyramid training for those not in the know)

Monday: Deadlift RPT style 3 sets // body weight dips 3x10 // weighted lunges 3x12 + 30minutes LISS on 10 incline keeping HR around 130-140.

Tuesday: 3 circuits body weight training: 10-12 burpe pull ups - 20 push ups - 20 tricep dips - 25 24" box jumps. + 10 minute jump rope at the end, 1 minute on, 1 minute off.

Wednesday: Squat RPT style 3 sets // 3x10-12 body weight chin ups // weighted face pulls 3x12

Thursday: Interval training, i.e sprints 30 seconds on 1 minute rest 5-7 times + 1 minute on 1 minute off jump rope (10 minutes jumping)

Friday: Bench press RPT style 3 sets // bent over rows 3x12 // over head press RPT style + 30 minute LISS 10 incline HR 130-140 again.

Saturday: Rest day, in a way… I will still be playing pick up shinny hockey on this day with addition to 1H of LISS 10 incline 130-140 HR

Sunday: 3 circuit body weight training: 20 25" box jumps - Broad Jump 10 reps - Scissors jump 8 reps per leg - Lateral bound 10 reps + 30 minutes LISS 10 incline 130-140 HR.


This might be worth a shot.

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