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Losing fat whilst keeping strength


Will be attempting to cut but want to keep my strength gains... so will try to lift heavy at least at the start of every session.

Here are some stats
Height: 5,8"
Age: 25
Weight: 80kg/176lbs
waist: 34" Body fat: 18%
Squat 1RM: 150kg/330lbs, Bench 1RM: 135kg/297lbs, Dead 1RM: 180kg/396lbs

Meal 1: Scrambled egg (3 eggs), Green Tea, Protein shake, 3gram fish oils
Meal 2:Creatin drink +Protein shake

Morning training
Back squat: 100kg 1x6,
140kg 1x2
145kg 1x2
150kg 1x1
Box squat: 100kg 1x3
120kg 2x3
130kg 1x1
Leg extension: 100kg 3x6
Single leg press: 50kg 1x6,
60kg 3x5,
Leg press: 150kg 3x4
Calf work...

Meal 3: Protein shake and Oats, cod liver oil 3grams, amino acid sup

P.M training
Bench: 100kg 1x4
120kg 1x2, 132.5kg: 1x1
Incline db press with rotation: 26kg 3x4-6
Cable fly: 26.25kg 3 x6
Fly machine: 90kg 3x5
weighted Dips: 40kg 3x4
Negative dips: 60kg 3x3
Tricep skull crushers: 30kg 3x6
Overhead Tricep ext: 22kg 3x4-7
Overhead Tricep ext: 28kg 4x6-9

Meal 4: Bacon sandwich, apple, protein shake

Meal 5: Cottage cheese, green tea

Meal 6: protein shake

Total calories: 1,850



Meal 1: Protein shake with oats
Meal 2: 3 eggs boiled with 2 slices of toast. Green Tea
Meal 3: Broccoli with chickpeas. Creatine with juice

Wide grip pull up
b/w 1x8
20kg 1x3
30kg 1x3
40kg 2x2

Neutral grip pull up
40kg 2x3

Bent over barbell rows
110kg 4x3

lat pull down
83kg 3x8-10

Cable Rows

E-z bar curls
17.5kg 3x4-5

Db curls
20kg 3x10

Meal 4: Egg sandwich and protein shake
Meal 5: cod fillet 1 toast, apple green tea
Meal 6: Protein Shake

Cals: 1,900



Meal 1: Protein shake with oats, two eggs scrambled. 2x toast.

Mixed cardio 30 mins.

Meal 2: Tuna sandwich green tea + apple
Meal 3: Protein shake
Meal 4: Vegtable soup + toast
Meal 5: tuna salad

Cals: 1,800



20 mins cardio
Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled and 1 toast
Meal 2: Oats and protein shake

Military press
60kg 1x3 65kg 3x3

Seated Arnold press
34kg 3x5

Shoulder flys:
14kg 4x6-8

Weighted Dips:
20kg 4x4-7

Overhead Tricep ext:
22kg 3x5

Narrow grip bench:
60kg 3x8-10

Meal 3: Egg sandwich + protein shake

Meal4: Protein shake + fruit(mixed berries)

Meal 5: cottage cheese

Cals: 1,600



cardio 15 mins

Meal 1: 2 boiled eggs, 1 grilled cod fillet + Salad
Meal 2: Protein shake with oats


60kg 1x3
70kg 1x3
80kg 1x2
90kg 1x1

120 1x2
150 1x2
160 1x2
170 1x1

Front squat:
60kg 1x3
80kg 1x3
90kg 1x3
100kg 1x1

Leg raises:

Turkish get up
22kg 3x2

Ab crunch machine:
20kg 3x8

Sit ups

Meal 3: yogurt plain, apple, protein shake

Meal 4: Protein shake with brewers yeast and 30g berries

Meal 5: Protein shake

Cals: 1,450



Meal 1: cod fillet, 2 boiled eggs, chickpeas, asparagus, broccoli.
Meal 2: Protein shake with oats


Cleans: 50kg 3x3 60kg 1x1
Hang Cleans:50kg 2x3
Weighted wide grip pull ups: 20kg 3x6
Lat pull down: 75kg 3x10
Neutral grip: 80kg 2x8
Barbell bent over rows: 70kg 3x10
Dumbbell rows: 50kg 2x3
E-z bar curls: 17.5kg each side 3x3 20kg 1x1
Preacher db curls: 14kg 3x6
Preacher cable curls: 25kg 3x4
narrow grip lat pulldown for biceps: 95kg 1x2 105kg1x3 115kg 1x2

Meal 3: protein shake with oats
Meal 4: beans and mackerel
Meal 5: cottage cheese



Off day
cals 1,950


Meal 1: Special k, Muller rice

A.M Training:
Leg raises: 3x5
Back squat: 100kg 1x3
120kg 1x2, 130kg 1x1, 142.5 1x1
Front Squat: 100kg 1x2, 110kg 1x2, 112.5 1x1

Single leg press:
45kg each side 3x5

Normal leg press
110kg 4x4

Calf work

Ab work

Meal 2: 2 eggs scrambled, toast, protein shake

60kg 1x1, 100kg 1x2, 120 1x2, 135 1x1
Db Bench with rotation:
44kg 3x5
Cable flys:
28kg 3x3
Close grip bench:
60kg 3x6
Tricep ext:
22kg 3 x 5

Meal 3: Egg (one), toast, baked beans

Meal 4: Protein shake

Meal 5: Protein shake + cottage cheese


nice traps.


Nice work man. Out of curiosity, how do you feel on such low cals? Has your energy felt low?


Thanks.. I have never trained them directly.


At the moment I am not feeling that tired. The hardest part so far is not eating junk food, drinking wen out with friends.. and trying not to cave in to my constant craving of cinema popcorn.



Meal 1: 2 eggs fried, 150g baked beans, Asparagus, 1 toast
Meal 2: Pasta, Protein shake with mixed berries

Light circuit training.

Meal 3: Bacon sandwich, banana, green tea, 3 small pieces of dark chocolate


Wide grip weighted pull ups
20kg 1x3,
40kg 3x3

Neutral grip
40kg 2x3

Bent over barbell row:
100kg 1x3,
115kg 2x3

T-bar rows
60kg 4x6

db row
50kg 2x5

Lat pull downs:
100kg 3x2

E-z bar curls
20kg each side: 2x3, 1x2

Preacher db curls:
16kg 3x5

bicep lat pull downs
95 1x3, 100 1x3, 115 1x1

Meal 4: cottage cheese, 1 egg boiled, protein shake

cals: 1,900



Meal 1: 3 eggs + toast

Cardio circuit training

Meal 2: Chicken sandwich, protein shake

Meal 3: Cottage cheese 1x toast

Meal 4: Protein shake

Cals: 1,400



Morning Cardio

Meal 1: Tuna & cucumber sandwich, apple, orange juice

Meal 2: Egg sandwich

Power Cleans
50kg 2x3
60kg 1x3
80kg 1x1
90kg 1x1

100kg 1x3
120kg 1x2
150kg 1x2
170kg 1x1
180kg 1x1

Front squats
70kg 2x3
90kg 1x1
110kg 3x1

Ab work comprising of leg raises and crunches

Meal 3: Protein shake with oats & berries. Green salad with 2 boiled eggs (no oil/dressing).

meal 4: Cottage cheese. 1x toast

Meal 5: cottage cheese

Cals: 1,600



Meal 1: Eggs (2 fried), broccoli, asparagus, spinach + green tea

Meal 2: 1.5 boiled egg, salad

Very poor upper back workout (decided my body had not recovered properly and quit half way)

Meal 3: Fish soup

Meal 3: protein shake

Went out and had 3 Vodkas with diet coke... hah couldn't say no

Meal 4: Cottage cheese + broccoli


What is your goal for the cut? A specific BW or just when you feel your bf lowered enough?


Originally my aim was to achieve 10% body fat... but I have had my body fat measured today in Boots Pharmacy. I doubt it is all that accurate but it says I am at 13.5% body fat. I have gained a little definition in my stomach area but there is still a long way to go. I will keep up my cut until I feel I have sufficient muscular definition.. So at the moment I am playing it by eye.

Hah also I thought it was quite funny as it says my body fat % is excellent but according to my B.M.I I am overweight. B.M.I is such utter bull!!



Meal 1: 2 boiled eggs, steamed green veg

Cardio = circuit training

Meal 2: Protein shake with berries + banana

Meal 3: Fish soup with added veg + 30g pasta

Meal 4: Protein shake + 1 toast+ green tea

Cals: 1,800



Back squat
100kg 1x3
120kg 1x1
130kg 1x1
140kg 5x1

Front squat
60kg 1x1, 100kg 1x1, 125kg 1x1

Box squat
125 2x2

Single leg press
45kg each side 2x5

Leg ext
100kg 3x8-10

leg press
130kg 2x5

Calf and Ab work

Diet: hah was very bad.. I ended up going out and drinking a little... my cals were prob acceptable but not my intake macros.