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Losing Fat Whilst Building Some Muscle?

I was always under the impression that losing fat whilst gaining some muscle was impossible. Am I wrong? I’ve heard people claiming that it is possible.

I am 6’2" weighing in at 196lbs, mostly fat. Now if I was to train hard with just the right amount of calories and correct nutrition would I gain muscle whilst slowly losing some fat?

How should my diet look if I was to attempt such a challenge? how would I know how many calories would I need to consume?

As you can see from the many questions, this kind of thing is new to me and I am slightly confused about a few things. Could anyone shed some light?


Sure, it’s possible, especially for beginners. Probabaly not nearly as easy as when eating a caloric excess, but yes, body recomposition is possible. As far as the dietary questions, there are a lot of resources on this site and others. You should do a lot of research on your own and not take one person’s word for exactly how your diet should look. Good luck!

I have an idea of what the diet should look like already but I am just confused about the amount of calories I should aim for to achieve this.

Any chance you could point me in the right direction? :wink:

You need to find what the maintenance level your body is at. ( how many calories your body burns naturally)

Simply put. Eat over that amount = Gain Weight. Eat under that amount = Lose weight.

Im also new here. I believe this information is correct from the reading ive done. If not, hopefully ill be corrected

I was also under the impression that it is impossible. I have talked to dieticians at my school and I get varied responses. I think it is kind of a choice of what you want to work on but very difficult if not impossible to compelete both. But I am no dietician or expert, but that is just what I have heard and believe.

its pretty much impossible to lose fat while in a caloric surplus, so you have to try to build muscle in a caloric deficit. To a newbie who hasn’t seriously trained ever, this should be doable as your body will adapt to the new training stimulus by adding muscle.

Eat at or slightly (500) below maintenance calories, with as much as half of those calories coming during and after your workouts. Also only eat carbs during and after your workouts; make every other meal protein and healthy fats.

For instance, say your maintenance was 3000 cals:
10 minute prior to training start sipping on a serving of Surge (50g carbs, 25g whey). Drink this throughout your workout, then when you get done slam another serving of Surge. An hour later, eat a ~700 cal meal of protein and carbs. Thats 1400 cals around your training. split the other 1500 cals you get for the day into 4-5 meals, and eat those throughout the day.

Honestly though, this works best because your body is rapidly adapting to this new training stimulus. You’ll make gains, but not as great of gains as if you’d just trained hard and ate big. So yes, losing fat and gaining muscle is possible to a newcomer, but ask yourself: is that really how you want to use your newbie gains?