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Losing fat while gaining muscle

Hey guys … i am new to this so i apologize if this is a stupid question … i’ve been lifting weights on and off the last 2 years and running as well. now i am really ready to dedicate myself to getting big while losing fat. i’m a little guy (5’4") but weigh about 200. i want to lose this fat but get buff at the same time. can i do that? what do you recommend for eating? i know the low-carb diets are all the rage with some people, but is that really good if you are lifting all the time? i don’t want to take in too mnay carbs though and stay fat! thanks guys!

you could start exercising by using those fat fingers to type ‘fat lose’, ‘low-carb diets’, etc…in the search engine. Try Diet Manifesto, Foods that Make You Look Good Nekkid, Hierchy of Needs (by Chris), etc…Lots o’ shit here to read dude!

Hey thanks for the advice … what is your opinion though about lifting weights and doing low carb? men’s health book says that’s bad. what do you guys think?

bad or good (low carb workouts)… I ain’t no that there doctor, but alls I know is that its damn tough (mentally more then physically since you can barely walk heheh so its really not that physical).

Trey you are already BIG at 5-4 200lbs.
Loose some weight, get your diet in order like 007 suggest and try this workout: www.testosterone.net/articles/173melt.html

Hey guys thanks!

Trey, read the articles mentioned above and skim the index of all past issues of T-Mag for some other great workouts and diet ideas. Do NOT go on some weird-assed fad diet or you may end up in a lifetime yo-yo-ing situation. You probably need to lose about 40 pounds of total weight. That may be 60 pounds of fat with a gain of 20 pounds of lean body mass. It’s hard to estimate that without knowing your body fat percentage and type of bone structure, among other things. But for a start, a sensible caloric deficient diet would probably have you lose that weight over a 10 to 12 month period with some cardio and lifting. There are a ton of diet possibilities out there and you need to chose one that fits your specific taste buds. If you don’t like the food in the diet, you’re better off not even starting it. You might also consider a supplement such as MD6. Don’t start out on your quest for body excellence too aggressively or you will burnout and fail. The tortoise wins this race and keeps the weight off. Be patient and keep at it. Shoot, if that jerkoff Subway fruitcake, Jared, can do it, anybody can, if they have the desire. Good luck and keep us posted.