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Losing Fat While Gaining Mass?


Right now I'm on Get Huge Phase 2 by Chad Waterbury, the thing is spring break is just two months away and I would love to shed some fat. So here is my plan so far, im opened to any suggestions.

1) Carb cycling (more carbs on workout days and less on off days)
2) Eating more veggies/fruits
3) 5 small meals a day
4) Increasing my daily energy expenditure (ex walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator)
5) Cutting out junkfood/softdrinks
6) Bumping up olive oil/fish oil intake
7) Bumping up protein intake

Anything I'm missing out on? Perhaps some steady state cardio?

Here's my current log if you're interested:


Look like someone didn't check the calendar when they planned their training cycle. :wink:

I'm not familiar with that particular program, but if you stuck to your current program until the end of this month, and then took a six-week fat loss break, would it be the absolute end of the world?

Based on your pictures, six weeks of specific fat loss training should be plenty, and if you plan it right, you won't regress much (if at all) strength-wise.

Granted, for long-term progress, you can't keep interrupting cycles called "Get Huge" to run a fat loss program, but if it'll make your spring break more enjoyable, I'd go for it.

Call me crazy, but shouldn't 2, 3, 5, and 7 already be pretty much in place? Those are pretty basic across the board, regardless of goal.




I just got the book about a month ago, and for the Get Huge phase it basically consists of three total body workouts a week. Apologies about 2,3,5,7 I guess those are basically basic. I'm thinking of incorperating some HIIT on tuesdays and thursday (My workout scheldue is currently mon/wed/fri).

Do you think this will hamper my recovery too much and maybe I should do some moderate intensity cardio instead of HIIT?


HIIT might be too intense to maintain progress in the other lifting sessions, but I know that Waterbury has advocated GPP or lighter, active recovery-type cardio on off days with some programs.

15-30 minutes on two or three of your off days, doing something that doesn't totally drain you or leave you feeling beat to hell should be fine.


I'm on the same program and added HIIT on tues/thursday and saturday sometimes too. My lifting sessions haven't suffered, but i make sure im getting enough nutrients, sleep, and water. My HIIT is usually something like 60 seconds of light jogging followed by 30 seconds of sprinting cycled for 20 minutes. You could try adding it and see how you feel. If your lifting suffers, cut it back.