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Losing fat: which is the best workout?


I am coming off a 4 week layoff and I am pretty smooth to say the least 20% b/f ( I was never lean beforehand) Don’t want to post a photo as it’s going to be embarrasing next to all the other buff people on there.

My issue is there seems to be too much info out there and about 1,000,000 workouts to choose from.

I have decided the T-dawg diet + reccomended supplements is the go and have started keeping a food diary.

The only problem is what workout? I was thinking Meltdown I or II but boith seem to suggest this good after a bulking/strength phase. Is it okay to just jump into one of these or should I pick up strength cycle for 4-6 weeks and then move to meltdown?

Another thing is do you need to do meltdown I before II or is II just and updated version of I.

Help cut the confusion as I am sick of being a fat bastard!

Personally I think Meltdown on a low carb diet is just too tough. Have you read the new Staley fat loss workout in the new online issue of T-mag? Looks really promising. I plan on using it before summer.

Try the Meltdown, and eat moderate carbs as your diet. Maybe about 200g. You will need the energy.

I just finished Meltdown II and it is a great program. I also would recomend John Berardi’s " The Winning Formula" But for fat loss I am seeing the best results of my life doing “roadwork” (see Jason Norcross’s Thread). But keeping a food log and understanding your caloric intake and what Macro Breadown is most benificial for you is also very very impotant.

Ps.. At 20% BF you dont need to do a bulking/strength phase prior to choosing a fat loss routine. Just remeber it is all about caloric deficit.


Go ahead and give Meltdown a go for now. See if you can handle it with a low-carb diet. Some can, some can’t. If it’s an option, roll with it for a while, at least until you start getting into the lower bodyfat percentages. That is a ways off, but there will come a time when you need to switch to a strength-based protocol while dieting.


I know I don’t need to bulk up more just whether it is a good idea to build up a bit more conditioning for a month before hitting meltdown.