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Losing fat stomach

Is there a way of losing that spare tire around your stomach without cutting calories? When I cut calories I get flat and lose alot of muscle even when I up my protein. Will running a few days a week and doing alot of sit-ups work?

Try the t-dawg diet and maybe add 4-AD-EC.
The diet is working for me without the 4-AD-EC, but next time around I am going to add it.

The Diet - www.testosterone.net/html/body_83diet.html

FAQ - www.testosterone.net/html/body_86diet.html

Reader Mail Update -

Zack, you should definitely give the T-Dawg diet a shot. You won’t be cutting cals, just carbs. I have used that diet with great success to get lean after a bulking cycle.

Another option is the Don't Diet plan, by John Berardi, which can be found in issue 167. It's a slow, steady process, and for somone who gets flat and loses a lot of muscle when dieting, it may be perfect.

In addition to that, you may way to supplement with a few things. Although 4-AD will certainly help you retain your mass, I think that if you're keeping your caloric intake relatively high, it may be a bit much. Instead, you may want to use Methoxy-7, which is probably a little cheaper for the amount you get.

If you do decide to go with the 4-AD-EC, I would suggest taking about half of a dose, to stretch your bottle out. Again, this is assuming you're calories or pretty high. Additionally, you may want to use a fat burner. MD6 is still available at dpsnutrition.com If not that, than there are other decent one's out there; personally I've used LaBrada's "Charge!" product and liked it.

As per your other questions: yes, running a few days a week will help, but doing "a lot of sit-ups" is worthless. There is no such thing as spot reduction of body fat; as a matter of fact doing thousands of situps may just cause a muscle imbalance, so ditch that idea.

If you could provide some information about your current weight, body fat, lifting program and diet, we should be able to help you more. Hope this helps.

Do meltdown training with T-dawg. I started meltdown today, will do t-dawg next week. That will lose that spare. Check out the meltdown results a few posts below

What has been working for me, and before anyone gets crazy, I am not purporting this to be the end all, beat all…
Switched my training to be an EDT ish type of circuit. M-W-F, standing military press, deadlift, chin. Never to faiulure, go go go. limit rest,limit sets to 6 reps. Work up to 10 sets, add weight, drop down to 6 sets. Its a slow cumulative wipe out. I end it with 2 sets of hanging leg raise. It is working pretty well. When I top out, I’ll switch to squat, bench, bent over row. I am done in about 50 minutes. Oh yeah, after reading this weeks issue, I added a few quick warm up sets, 2 power snatch from the hang, add weight, 2 power clean from the hang, and I am off to the races(heart and mind). The answer still is in calorie deprivation, though. I eat when I want to, make smarter choices, eat slower, and quit before I am stuffed. Are you sure that when you cut calories you are not losing a layer of fat that you perceive as muscle? I know I do. try this or crystal meth and diuretics for breakfast, large coffee w a shot of espresso for lunch, mah huang and tylenol PM for late night snack.