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Losing Fat, Sitting Hurts

I have been watching my diet carefully and lifting for these last two months, and I have noticed something disturbing; as I loose fat, my right buttock hurts from sitting. From when I was young, I always had a tendency of storing fat around my waist, mainly on my hind side (not that normal for guys it seems).

Getting up every once in a while helps, but sometimes it takes hours for the pain to go away, and after a few minutes of sitting it comes back. I attempted storing some fat (i.e by having a non-optimal diet for a few days) and the pain does stop. When I get rid of that fat, it comes back. Did anyone ever have this? If so, how did you manage to fix it?

The only two remedies I found are squatting and deadlifting. Maybe is it because of having a weak posterior chain?

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You could try regular stretching and foam rolling. If that fails to work after you lose the fat you could always try butt implants to recushion the area. Or just man up and grow a pair and I don’t mean breasts.

Use a fucking pillow.

It’s possible that, without your usual cushioning, you are putting more pressure on your sciatic nerve. Go see a proper sports physio and have him assess you. Could be sciatic and/or piriformis syndrome. Could be inflammation in the hamstring origin and it could be referred pain from the SI joint or lumber vertebrae.

Butt pain is mysterious and hard to pinpoint due to the size and complexity of the area so only a professional will be able to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended).

As an interim measure, raising your feet (footstool or similar) and putting a cushion on your chair my take the pressure off. But get it checked out.

Possible pressure on SI joint. If more midline (ie tailbone/coccyx) could be associated with increased pressure on the coccyx.

If you don’t have pain into your leg, it is unlikely to be either sciatic impingement or piriformis syndrome. Both of those are related to radicular pain into the leg, well below buttock crease.

However, I have several patients, who upon dieting and loosing their ‘junk in the trunk’ will begin complaining about either SI joint pain or tailbone pain. Best way to combat either is either jelly donuts or bulking movements for glutes. You have to put some cushion between your bones and the world if it is either of these.

Do you keep your wallet on that side?