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Losing Fat, Oatmeal for Breakfast?

hey guys I’m trying to get lean and thin. I was wondering … can this be done if I eat oatmeal for breakfast (made with water). Or is oatmeal very counter productive.

It all depends on the rest of your diet.

It’s impossible to evaluate the appropriateness of any food without knowing everything else you are eating.

im eating 7 meals a day each meal contains proteins. I also eat veggies with each meal (tomato, peppers, brocili ect.) I also eat a few eggs a day.

That’s still very vague.
God knows if you’re a 400 lb behemoth or a 135 twig looking to get more “cut”.
You have to give more vital stats such as height, weight, age, and body fat percentage (if you already know), and then give us a breakdown of the types and quantities of food you ingest on a day to day basis.

Carbs in the morning are fine and if anything, ideal even on a general fat loss diet. Typically, you are ok with a carb/protein combo for breakfast, 1st snack, and maybe even lunch depening on how you are reacting to the carbs.

[quote]n-spark wrote:
hey guys I’m trying to get lean and thin.

Flameworthy. But since knowledge is power, here’s the deal. Carbs with breakfast and around workout time. Protein at all meals. Take it for what it’s worth.

thanks, yeh I thought it was kinda flameworthy espec on a testosterone filled forum such as this :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers for the advice guys!!

Go back to lurking and READ the articles and the stickies.
And don’t cut unless you are VERY fat. And don’t overthink things, just train fucking hard and eat like a whale.