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Losing fat in the Abdominal Region

I have tried both Meltdown Training and Fat to Fire routines. They were great for fatloss, but most of the fat lost was from my arms and legs. While I am pleased with those results, I am wondering if there is a way to just target the abdominal ‘six pack’ region for fatloss without losing anymore fat in my other body areas? I know there is no such thing as spot-reducing, but the Meltdown Training article states that the extremities (arms and legs) are targetted ahead of the abdominal area to achieve fatloss beginning from these target areas. If this is possible, then surely the reverse is also possible?

I am already paying a lot of attention to my diet, I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas for achieving fatloss and defination just in the abdominal area with little or no fatloss from any other areas of my body.

Sounds like you just stopped the programs too early.

This is most likely where you gained the fat first. THe sad truth is that we tend to lose the fat last where we gained it first. The only true way to spot reduce is through body sculpting (liposuction on small sites). There was a T-mag article way back about this, but it’s only going to do any good when you’ve basically hit your ultimate plateau. Consistency and time are going to be your best allies now.

I have heard that Yohimbine is supposed to help get rid of the fat in troubled areas. I have tried Yohimbe myself and have not noticed any change. A friend of mine was telling me that it is easy to make a topical home brew(like Androsol) Yohimbe pretty easily and this would help target problem areas. Has anyone heard of this or had experiences?

Fat around the abdominals is where men store fat and is harder to lose than the extremities. I do not know how much fat you started with or how long you tried the above programs, but it takes time.

doesn’t flax seed oil suppose to help with burning off “brown fat” from mid-sections off of us dudes ?

As I remember it, brown fat is the stuff IN the muscles. Not the first place you want to burn it off. Of couse, I may be wrong…

Yeah, I was pretty sure that brown fat was the type you did not want to lose – that it even helped to raise your metabolism. I thought it was only adipose fat you wanted to lose. As for spot reduction, it depends on the spot – as far as I know, there’s no real way to target, and unfortunately those “problem areas” (ass and legs for women, stomach for men) hold on to fat the longest. Just be patient and keep doing the intense weights and cardio.

Brown fat is in babies.

Hey, if you find out let us know. My understanding is that fat loss starts at the extremities and works towards the middle. You could be skinny as a rail and still carry stomach fat. You might consider the lipo once you get to the no fat but the gut stage. If you are using calipers to measure (which you should be) Check your under the chin fat for a good reference. Once you have lost all your chin fat, you can figure that you are getting into your stomach fat. It can be a frustrating road my friend, but the journey is worth the effort.

I am actually already at a very low body-fat level, last time I checked I was around the 6% level! The problem is that when I try to get lean, my arms and legs are always the first to lose fat. I’ve had my abs down to a very tight six-pack level of bodyfat before, but not before greatly reducing the size of arms and legs - something I want to avoid. I was thinking, maybe a routine like Meltdown Training (lots of supersets and low rest-times) but using only abdominal exercises?

Dimza, no matter which type of sets/reps you use, your plan still relies on spot-reducing, which has been shown to be a myth. However, what will you lose by going w/your Meltdown ab plan? Try it. Sounds like you may also benefit from a different dietary or supplement plan. Tried Androsol or Methoxy on a fat loss plan? How 'bout lots of Omega-3s? I have found that both Androsol and Tribex help me lose a little more on my obliques which do not disappear until I get low bodyfat. You may well have to go to a lower bodyfat % to remedy this problem, but you’re not alone-everyone I know who trains has a “problem-area”. Also, the more lean tissue you have, the more clas you burn at rest, how about taking a break from the dieting and going slightly hypercaloric while using a Mag-10 cycle before you try again? Keep notes on your diet and results from training so you can objectively evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Good luck.