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Losing Fat/ Gaining Weight



Name is Steve, 6ft and 187 lbs

Not that i even know what my maintenance is but only been eating clean last 4 days, before that it was sweets/biscuits etc etc etc loads of sugar !

So my meals now are (yes i have been reading)

M1: 3 Eggs, 30g Cheese, 100g Chicken, 3g Fish Oil, Green Veg

S1: 5g BCAA

M2: 30g Cheese, 250g Chicken, 2 Table Spoons Olive Oil, Green Veg, 3g Fish Oil

S2: 5g BCAA

M3: 250g Beef, 30g Cheese, 2 Table Spoons Olive Oil, Green Veg, 3g Fish Oil

Pre Bed: 3 Eggs

Pre, During, Post Workout: 5g BCAA

Inspired from John Berardi.

So i'm eating right the last 4 days, not a world achivement but im taking it day by day.

So my question is (finally)

I have seen beginners get "newbie" gains and tend to drop fat and build muscle at the same time.... so which side do i er on ?

I will be weighing myself every 4 days and see if im going up or down.... but if i go up do i drop food or if it goes down is it a good thing ?

Bit confused about which one to pick so hopefully ye can help.


Don't you have more serious problems?? Do you think you're going to become fat / slim overnight? Keep that diet for 6 months, take care of your PROGRESSION in the gym and then you'll see what to do next.


Dude, you're weighing yourself way too often. A mirror will be a better indicator of progress anyway. Throw the fucking scale out the window. Don't stress fluxing scale weight, lift and eat to build muscle.


How do you crap eating all that cheese?

Seriously, I thought Berardi's plan was more meals, and I can't remember more than 8oz cheese per week because of the high sat fat content.

As stated earlier, throw out your scale. Let the mirror be your guide.

By the by, you didn't exactly state what you goal in this is. You ask if your weight "goes up do you drop food or if it goes down is it a good thing?"

Do you want to maintain your weight and hope that "newbie gains" make you look buffed up, lose weight and not talk about the "fight club", or gain weight and lift big and look like a man?


Erm i thought i explained it well enough..... obviously not.

1) Regarding serious problems.... if i don't know something i generally ask someone who does, I'm not really one to waste my time thinking im doing it right when there's loads of people on here.

2) As for weighing myself so often, Berardi recommends every 4 days to see if your going up or down... you look at yourself every day how are you going to notice if 1-3lbs are gone. That's why i am following it.

3) And finally, in regards to going up or down... that's what i was initially inquiring about.... What do you recommend ? Do i still get the newbie gains through my cleaned up diet while losing weight... or do you have to overeat to build muscle when your a beginner ?

Im not to specific at the moment, only been 5 days since i started eating properly and going to the gym, so don't have it all figured out yet.


By the looks of that diet, it seems to me that you plan on loosing weight. And at that height (unless you're at single digit bf%; which I doubt) you are going to be very thin and weak.

If you want to take full advantage of the "newbie gains" you are talking about; you have to eat MUCH more then that.

Eat more carbs, train hard and with heavy weight...and do your conditioning if you don't want to get fat.

But I digress...can you please tell us your GOALS?


Thats what im asking....

If ye had your time over would you just go straight into overeating instead of dieting ?

My goal is to be better than i am now suppose being bigger would be better than smaller though.......... so do i just do what B-Rock said and just add some good carbs into my meals, take out the BCAA's and replace with food ?


I think "newbie gains" happen when one starts lifting heavy weight for the first time, training as hard as possible, and eating a lot when hungry. And the hard training causes a lot of hunger.

YOUR diet, on the other hand, looks like a fat loss diet with a big calorie deficit. I wouldn't expect to see any gains, just losses.


Ya.... i went and pestered the Coach and he said 1.25g protein per lb and 80g fat (good fats) so back to square one and try make some meals out of it !

Slowly getting there !


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I can't answer your pm directly... I can receive, but not respond for some reason.

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