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Losing Fat/Gaining Weight

I know this should be in the beginners section but seems kinda dead, so just put it here.

If one is a beginner (me) and has some fat im getting confused between all the articles.

It says you get “newbie” gains if you start eating right just from excercising… but does that mean eating under what you need or over what you need ?

I’ve gone from ready made meals and lots of sweets and stuff to totally clean so just want to know if i should increase or decrease food ?

My meals are: M = Meal, S = Snack

M1: 3 Eggs, 30g Cheese, 100g Chicken, 4g Fish Oil, Green Veg

S1: 5g BCAA

M2: 250g Chicken, 30g Cheese, 4g Fish Oil, Green Veg

S2: 5g BCAA

M3: 250g Beef, 30g Cheese, 4g Fish Oil, Green Veg

Pre Training: 5g BCAA
During: 5g BCAA
Post: 5g BCAA

Pre Bed: 3 Eggs.

Got that off the Berardi and for the last 4 days have been eating just that.

I weigh 187 lbs and 6ft Tall, im naturally built anyways just from always playing sport so im not starting from waaayyyy back.

SO any advice on what to do whether i should over eat or undereat… not even sure how much to eat im weighing myself once a week to see if my weight goes up or down.

Thanks alot people.