Losing Fat from One Pec

Hi. I need some advice to get rid of chest fat. I’m doing high reps workout at moderate weight and 30 minutes of cardio at the end of the routine. I’m dropping weight pretty good but my left pec has better shape than the right pec. The right pec has 40% more fat, it looks saggy. Something strange that I looked in the mirror is that my body right side has more fat than the left side and that’s don’t make sense to me because this is my strong side. How I can fix this???

  1. post a pic

  2. How did you come up with that?


I’m obese. My plan is to drop 75 pounds. I weighted 265 now I I weight 243. Since I start losing weight few months ago. My body left side lose fat more quickly than the right side. But my strong side is the right one.

Your not going to be able to judge anything until you drop more weight.


While I agree he needs to drop more weight. That…is a big difference, don’t know if it will fix itself.

I don’t think any will know until he losses more weight. Yeah it’s pretty odd. Got a bad feeling that something drastic might have to be done if it doesn’t correct itself. That is if he is still that concerned once he hits his target weight.

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A friend of mine had a similar thing. You lose fat in different places as you drop weight. It’s different for everyone. While drastic at the moment, eventually my friend evened out. Just keep working out and dropping the weight until you hit your target weight and then reassess.

Hopefully it just evens out, but if it doesn’t you can figure out what to do at that point. You have a lot of weight to lose so keep focusing on the big goal.

Good work on the progress so far, but something really doesn’t look right about that pic. You’ve lost 22 pounds total, but it looks like 2 or 3 of those pounds were just from the one boob. That’s super weird and not something I’ve seen happen before. Standard asymmetry is one thing, but that’s usually dealing with fractions of an inch, maybe an inch or so in extreme cases.

Call me paranoid, but I’d get a checkup from a doc to run some basic bloodwork and make sure nothing’s particularly funky with your levels.

What’s with the bruises on your arm on the smaller pec’s side?