Losing Fat From My Mid Section

Sorry guys but i am still a little confused, is it possible to lose the weight on my mid section because that is the only place that is soft and lose, while at the same time gain some size to the rest of my body, like what supplements should i take to accomplish this…

thanks for the help.

[quote]diovol wrote:
is it possible to lose the weight on my mid section because that is the only place that is soft and lose, while at the same time gain some size to the rest of my body


no its not.

it is however possible to lose overall body fat while you make modest total body muscle gains.

if you try and focus on losing weight around your midsection, whilst working your upper body for hypertrophy…you will get no where.

instead, do a full body training regime, using big movements like squats, deadlifts, rows, dips, chinups.

these done with intensity will make your body a fat burning furnace, which will (eventually) start to trim your waist (subject to correct nutrition)

the best you can hope for whilst losing the fat is to do some strength work to hang on to what muscle you have…if you do everything as perfectly as possible it is achieveable to make muscle gain during fat loss…but it takes an iron will.

id do the full body fat loss intense style workout for a while -

search for the article ‘real fast fat loss’.

this took me from 18% to 14% body fat, and removed a layer from my midsection, while at the same time i went from an 8 rep chinup set to 3 sets of 15.

suppliments: fish oil - read up on this
multivit, green/white tea.
good protein powder

there is a hell of a lot more to this (especially seeing as ive said nothing about nutrition)

hopefully what ive told you will have you doing the right stuff in the gym to start with, and in the mean time, read as many articles and forum posts and clinics as possible to gather knowledge, as this will be your best avenue to success.

thank you very much…

Chutec is absolutely right. The abs is usually the hardest place to lose fat. If that’s all you have left you’re not in too bad a shape. Search this site for carb cycling. There are a couple good recent ones. Don’t try to get ripped on a weight loss program because you will just lose muscle and that’s the last thing you want.

yeah your right i just wanna bulk while firming my midsectiion more, i really dont care to much if i have a sixpack or not…

you might wanna try zig-zag dieting some. In the past I’ve always been able to slowly lose fat while slowly adding strength/size. Say, eat 5-6 small meals a day…emphasis on the word SLOWLY here :wink:

one training day, shoot for bodyweight x 12 in calories, then on off days go for bodyweight x 10 in calories.

It’s pretty easy to do this cuz you basically setup a diet for BW x 10 and then on training days, your post-workout meal gets you up around that BW x 12 number.

Keep in mind I’m your classic endo-mesomorph so, I can get away with less calories than someone who’s naturally more lean might be able to accomodate.

I would also focus on something like what Chad Waterbury recommends: a total-body training session 3 days a week. Pick a lower body exercise, either a squat or deadlift and then add a horizonal push/pull and a vertical push/pull.

So for example one day’s workout would be Squat, bench, rows, chins(or pulldowns), and overhead press. There’s almost an endless variety of exercises you can insert in there…just keep those planes of movements in mind as you change things.

Now, the trick is, instead of worrying about adding weight or doing more reps, focus on slowly decreasing rest intervals. On the order of 5-10 seconds per week…maybe not even that fast.

Waterbury just put up a great article explaining this: “Progressions for strength gains & fat loss” or something like that. You don’t have to kill yourself…the lowered calories are doing the bulk of the work, but slowly lowering the rest intervals supercharge the approach over time.

MAKE SURE you know how much you’re burning though before you start this zig-zag cutting approach to your diet okay? For example, eat bodyweight x 12 or even bodyweight x 15 for at least a couple weeks to get some kind of status quo in place. Many a time in the past I’ve dove off into a strict diet without knowing how much I was eating in the first place…doesn’t work very well in the long run.

chutec, i dont really know anything about supplements and am not very good with this website… how do fish oils help???

[quote]TwActionMan wrote:
chutec, i dont really know anything about supplements and am not very good with this website… how do fish oils help???[/quote]

That depends on who you ask… The short answer is that the average western diet is deficient in the omega 3 fatty acids ALA, DHA and EPA(EPA and DHA are found in fish oil, ALA in nuts and seeds like walnuts and flax seeds).

These fatty acids help regulate body composition by either a)controlling appetite, b)increasing the blood supply to your bodies organs and tissues, c)increasing cell elasticity, d)helping your body use omega 6 and 9 fatty acids(the kind we eat a lot of) more efficiently and beneficially or e)all of the above.

Basically, they’re good for you, especially if your diet doesn’t otherwise include lots of fresh, cold water fish like salmon and cod, as well as fatty nuts and seeds.

Also, there is a lot of information out there showing that getting quality sleep of more than 7, but less than 12 hours every night may be one of the biggest factors in fat loss, as well as muscle growth…sort of a win win.